Five questions with Chris Rodgers

Last month we debuted the "Friday Five" and today we bring it back...sort of. Funny thing these computers. Although the "Friday Five" was ready on Friday, the e-mail got lost in cyberspace. It finally showed up Sunday night. For the Monday edition of the "Friday Five" Arizona guard Chris Rodgers hit on Kobe Bryant, the best sports movie of all time, and sets the record straight on his height.

Question: Who is the best player in the NBA right now and who is the best rookie this year?
Chris Rodgers: "Kobe Bryant without a doubt.  Kobe has to guard (players like) T-Mac and Vince Carter.  There are so many good two-guards in the NBA.  (For the rookie of the year) I'd probably give the edge to Amare Stoudemire.  I played on the same team as him in the Michael Jordan All-Star game, The Capital Classic.  He  has definitely surprised me and he's going to be a great player.  He plays with a lot of confidence and heart and that's what you've got to do.

Question: What's the best sports movie of all time?
Rodgers: "I like White Men Can't Jump.  That's a classic.  There's many more, but that's the first one to jump in my head.  After I saw that I just wanted to go to the park and work on my game."

Question: You were listed at 6'2" but you're definitely taller than that now.  Did you grow this season?
Rodgers: "No, I'm not 6'2", I'm closer to 6'4" or 6'5".  I'm taller that what they list me at. I'm about as tall as Hassan.  I've been around 6'4" since high school.  I went from like 5'9" to 6'2" when I was a freshman in high school."

Question: What's your favorite T.V. show?
Rodgers: Friends.  I try to watch it when I can on Thursdays.  It's so funny, I love that show. 

Question: Do the guys on the team tease you for watching Friends?
Rodgers: "They don't know, but I guess that they will now.  But Friends is a popular show, most people that I know watch it."

Question: Ideally, aside from basketball, what would you want to do professionally?
Rodgers: "I'd like to own my own business, but I'm not sure what kind of business yet."

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