Move over "Point Guard U"

Arizona's long been known as a school that is capable of producing NBA caliber point guards. Next year's talent levels at all positions, however, may solidify Arizona as "NBA-U", not only as "Point Guard-U." Next year's team will be so stacked with talent that it seriously may have future NBA players at every starting position.

At the center spot will be Junior Channing Frye. Frye's emergence this year has definitely left an impression on NBA scouts. At times throughout the season, many draft projections had Frye listed as a first round pick if he left after this year. Future projections show Frye a likely lottery pick by the time he leaves Arizona, whether that comes after his Junior or Senior season.

Frye's progress has been remarkable at Arizona. After being an underrated prospect, Frye quickly developed into Arizona's everyday center and has shown his ability to score down in the post as well as knock down the mid-range jumper. With his shot and quickness, Frye has pro scout dreaming of putting him at the four.

Likely starting at the power forward spot will be freshman Ndudi Ebi. Ebi is arguably the highest touted recruit Arizona has ever landed and has already received attention from the NBA. Rumors still circulate that Ebi will forgo his college career and make the jump to The League. If Ebi does accept his scholarship at Arizona, which all of the coaches insist he will, he is as sure-fire an NBA prospect as Arizona has ever brought in as a freshman.

Ebi's ability to score, rebound, pass, create, and knock down the jumper make him the complete package. A lot of things can happen, and big-time recruits do not always pan out to be guaranteed future NBAers, but Ebi's work ethic and ability make him as close to a "for sure" as there is.

Ebi's rebounding and shot blocking ability make him a four in college, but he is the prototype of the new NBA small forward. NBA scouts covet tall, athletic wings who can play with the Dirk Nowitzkis and Pau Gasols of the world.

Likely starting at the small forward spot will be Andre Igoudala or Hassan Adams. Igoudala is already listed on many NBA draft projections as a a lottery pick after next season.

Igoudala's defense, length, ball-handling, passing, and raw athleticism make him a quality prospect for The League. Once he further develops his jump shot, Igoudala will probably be a lottery pick. He is an athlete in the Richard Jefferson mold and we've all seen how R.J. has developed in the pro game.

Adams too has a lot of NBA potential. Adams' ability to score inside, his knack for finding the ball on the boards, and his quickness make him a possible NBA player. However, Adams will need to seriously improve his jump shot before that materializes because he is probably too short to match up at the small forward position in the NBA and would need to be a two-guard. If Adams can work on getting a consistent perimeter game he is also an intruiging NBA prospect.

Salim Stoudamire is almost guaranteed to start at the off guard position. Stoudamire was one of the best pure shooters on the collegiate level last season, and continues to develop his ability to create off the dribble. Look for Stoudamire to get some time at the point next season, because as an NBA prospect he's seen as too short to be a two-guard. If Stoudamire continues to develop his pull-up jumper and ball-handling, he definitely has the range for the NBA.

At the point will possibly be freshman Mustafa Shakur. Olson, at an alumni function in San Diego, called Shakur, "the best (point guard), at this point in his in career, that the program has ever had." Only time will tell whether Shakur can develop and be a future NBA point the likes of Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, and Gilbert Arenas. If his high school accolades are any indication, Shakur very well could be a future NBA player. He has the passing and ball-handling skills already, and with Arizona's great coaches, he very well could continue the tradition.

Scarily enough, Arizona still has the likes of Kirk Walters, Chris Rodgers, Isaiah Fox and Chris Dunn on the bench. All four look like guys who could develop if they have the patience to wait their turns. Remember, Olson made NBA players out of unheralded players like Steve Kerr, Jud Buechler, A.J. Bramlett and Reggie Geary. All stayed in college four years and were rewarded with at least a brief stay in the NBA.

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