Saturday's Top Five

Saturday had numerous players that stood out and here is how we see it.

Here are the top five Arizona players from Saturday's performance against Arizona State.

1.Derrick Williams: He finished with 31 points and basically had his way with the ASU defenders.

Williams went to the line 16 times and once again showed why he is one of the better players in the country.

2. Jesse Perry: Perry has taken some criticism for being outplayed by Jamelle Horne, but he bounced back Saturday.

Perry brought a new energy to the game and finished with 13 points and a few offensive rebounds.

3. Solomon Hill: Hill finished with 11 points and did a little bit of everything. However, what was the most impressive aspect of his game on Saturday was his ability to take it to the hoop.

4. Brendon Lavender: Lavender did not shoot all that great, but he played with confidence and it was probably one of his better games in a while.

5. Kyle Fogg: Fogg was not spectacular by any means, but he let the game come to him and played well in doing so.

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