Pastner excited for matchup

Arizona is set to face Memphis and there is plenty to talk about.

When Arizona found out it was playing Memphis in the first round of the NCAA tournament, the story lines were obvious.

Make no mistake about it, the players and coaches involved know exactly what the talking points are for this game.

"There's a couple of story lines here," Memphis coach Josh Pastner said. "Jack Murphy's father-in-law used to be the Athletic Director at Arizona—he's now at UNLV. I remember when Jack's father-in-law was calling me asking me about the job—not about me coaching, just about the job in general.

"Sean Miller actually called me. I said, "Sean, you are going to do unbelievable there." And he's done unbelievable. I mean, the guy can flat out coach. He's done an amazing job there. He won the Pac-10 Championship."

While the goal for Memphis is obviously to win, Pastner admits that there is a certain happiness about just making it.

"We're just so pumped to get in," he said. "Arizona is a very good basketball team, very well coached. We're excited. We're in Tulsa, which is great for our fans. It's going to be an opportunity for our fans to hop in a car and drive over to see us.

"It's a Friday/Sunday thing. At this point, we win or go home. That's all we can ask for, so it's on us. So, it's great that fans can drive over and support us."

Pastner knows Arizona brings a major challenge and Texas will as well, as both teams have two of the best players in the country.

"It's funny, our next two opponents with Arizona's Derrick Williams and Texas's Jordan Hamilton—I voted Derrick as National Player of the Year and Jordan as 1st-team All-American," Pastner said." I've watched a lot of Arizona games late at night because they've been on the tube, and they're good.

"Derrick Williams is one of the best, if not the best player in the country. Like I said, I voted for him for National Player of the Year. That's the respect level I have for Derrick Williams."

Pastner knows more about Williams than the average coach due in large part to the fact that he attempted to make him a Tiger.

"You know, we tried to recruit Derrick Williams," Pastner said. "We even got him here on a visit, and when he left he even had our Memphis background on his phone. We thought we were going to get him.

"But I said, "We have to get him committed before he gets back on the plane going west, back to Tucson." You can't let him get to campus at Arizona. By golly, the guy went back there and changed his screensaver to Arizona."

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