Breakdown: Arizona vs. Memphis

Arizona is set to take on Memphis on Friday and takes a closer look.

PG: Momo Jones (6-0, 196, So.) vs. Joe Jackson (6-0, 175, Fr.)

Most people would give this to Jackson on first inclination, but a closer looks reveals a point guard with more turnovers than assists that shoots 42 percent from the field. Jackson may not be the starter, but he will get the majority of the minutes, which is why we are putting him here. Against Kansas, Jackson finished with one point, Georgetown six, and Tennessee 11. Does he have potential? Of course. Has he shown it against better teams? Not yet.

Advantage: Even

SG: Kevin Parrom (6-6, 205, So.) vs. Will Barton (6-6, 175, Fr.)

Parrom's main job is going to be to shut Barton down. He is not a great shooter, but Barton averages 12 points and five rebounds per game. Barton has not disappeared against the better teams and Memphis is a much better squad when he is playing well. By taking him out of the game, Arizona's chances of winning go up dramatically.

Advantage: Memphis

SF: Solomon Hill (6-6, 226, So.) vs. Antonio Barton (6-2, 165, Fr.)

Barton is one of the better long-range shooters on the squad, but definitely does not do much else. He seems good for a three-pointer or two, but is not the type of player that is likely to kill Arizona. On the opposite side of the spectrum, it will be interesting to see who guards Hill. Barton will not be able to do it and it seems that Hill is going to have a height advantage on any player that tries.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Jesse Perry (6-7, 210, Jr.) vs. Chris Crawford (6-4, 205, Fr.)

Figuring Memphis goes with a guard oriented lineup, this is where it gets interesting. Perry probably can't guard Crawford and vice versa. Crawford shoots 29 percent from three and has the second most attempts on the team. He is likely not strong enough to guard Perry and that is why we think Arizona has the advantage here.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Derrick Williams (6-8, 241, So.) vs. Tarik Black (6-8, 252, Fr.)

Black has great potential, but he is only a freshman and it is asking a lot of him to go on the big stage and contain Williams. He is going to have trouble on the perimeter and Memphis does not give Black the ball enough for him to be major trouble for Williams.

Advantage: Arizona

Benches: Charles Carmouche is a solid shooter, but there is absolutely no size coming off the bench for Memphis. The Tigers will use three players, but the guards are about equal to Arizona's, if that.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaches: Sean Miller vs. Josh Pastner

The majority of Arizona fans love Josh Pastner, but Miller has been here before and has been doing it longer.

Advantage: Arizona

Intangibles: Arizona wants to erase the memory of the Washington game and Memphis may have peaked last week in the conference tournament.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: Arizona's size seems like it will be too much. Memphis has absolutely nobody that can guard Williams and a player like Perry seems poised to have a big game.

Arizona 85, Memphis 78

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