Richard Jefferson looks at matchup catches up with Richard Jefferson to get his thoughts on the current team and what it will take to beat Duke on Thursday.

The concept of a family with the Arizona basketball program has been talked about repeatedly and it tends to show at this time of the year with the Wildcats participating in the NCAA Tournament. Teams of the past made their mark on history while this year's version of the Wildcats is doing its part as well. caught up with current San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson, who was on 2001 team that fell to Duke in the championship game. He has kept up with the Wildcats this season and shared his thoughts about Arizona's matchup with the Blue Devils in the Sweet 16. What are your thoughts before the game starts?

Richard Jefferson: They have played well thus far. They have a big task ahead of them with the number one seed in the region but I think the guys are playing well. Fortunately the game is in California which is pretty much a home game for us so we'll see. What do you think the defensive keys will be for an Arizona victory?

Richard Jefferson: When you are playing in college and you get to that tournament one kid can get hot. A kid that you never even knew of. For the most part it is going to be effort and just hoping that your shots fall. Have you been able to talk to any of the players or the coaching staff since they have made the Sweet 16?

Richard Jefferson: No, they have a lot going on over there they don't need me. First matchup between Arizona and Duke since the National Championship game in 2001, what do you remember most?

Richard Jefferson: It was 10 years ago and a tough game. Dunleavy had a really good game. He struggled in the tournament and really shot the ball well in the second half and that really helped them. Would a win against Duke be big for the program for present players and alumni as well?

Richard Jefferson: We don't play that game. I think we are really above that. We don't take one victory over another. At the end of the day that is a new group of guys. I think as a program we have solidified ourselves as an elite team, so would to go get a win in the Sweet 16 make anything that happened 10 years ago in the national championship any different? No, we're not one of those types of schools.

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