Five reasons the future is bright, Part V

In the fifth of a five-part series previewing the future of the Arizona Basketball program, Inna Lazarev discusses the ultimate goal for the Wildcats: Championships.

Reason #5: They've Got Game

Reason #4: Recruits Who Help Recruit

Reason #3: Restoring the Family Tradition

Reason #2: Sean Miller

Reason #1: Losing is not an Option

Losing is simply not an option for this team. This program, this coaching staff, this fan base, they've experienced it, and they are not going to let it happen again. The Wildcats have their goals set high, and they aren't accepting anything less than a national championship.

There is one thing on the mind of all Arizona Basketball supporters; one goal, one standard, one expectation.


Tucson is waiting for the return of the tradition and pride of Arizona Basketball. The fans are begging, pleading, for a reason to get excited. The players are anticipating that sensation of victory which brought them to the university in the first place.

The whole program is on board. This coaching staff, these players, these recruits, this entire athletic department, they're not settling for anything less. They can feel how close Arizona is to competing at the highest level of college basketball, and they are anxious to deliver.

Step into the Arizona Basketball offices at any given moment, and ask UA Director of Basketball Operations, Ryan Reynolds, what he's up to. You will usually get the same answer: "Just trying to win a national championship."

Every coach, every player, every recruit - they all have one goal.

Book Richardson says it best: "The goal is to win a national championship. That's it.

Sean Miller is on the same page.

"We're capable of achieving a team and a program that challenges for a conference championship," he says. "That's what's gone on here for many, many years and for us to rekindle that, that's why we all came here."

Athletic Director Greg Byrne is confident.

"This is the right staff to lead us back to the Final Four and competing for national championships," Byrne said.

"We are capable of achieving championships, and helping Arizona get back to where it was," James Whitford chimes in.

"For us it's about championships, that's why we're here," adds Archie Miller. "We're trying to achieve a championship level, and as soon as we can get there, hopefully we can keep it there."

Judging by the reputation they're gaining around the country, it is clear that the Arizona coaches have not kept their ambitions a secret.

This program is all about winning. The coaches are recruiting winners; they're expecting to win, and they're instilling a winning mentality.

"The guys we're involved with want to win," Richardson expressed. "Every kid that we have in 2011, they're winners. Look at their programs, look at what they've done in high school, look at their resume over the summer, they have won. They're used to winning."

The motivation and drive is in place, and it does not seem to be going anywhere. It's not hard to see that the future of the program has bought in.

Nick Johnson hasn't even stepped foot on campus as a UA student-athlete, yet he's already telling the world via Twitter, "Arizona is back!!! Next year PAC-12 champs and Final Four…MARK MY WORDS!!!"

"I've been telling everybody," Johnson says proudly, "We can be a top five team. I really believe that."

Even the recruits agree.

"We're trying to win championships," blatantly states Tyree Robinson, a five-star 2013 guard who is being heavily recruited by Miller and staff.

"I think you always want to be your best, period," explains James Whitford. "This program has such a great tradition and history; we're all driven to get it back to that level."

Most would argue that winning the Pac-10 title is not a bad way to start.

If anyone can tell you that losing is not an option, it's Pac-10 Player of The Year, Derrick Williams.

"I'm just trying to win a championship," Williams said. "Everything else can wait."

With Sean Miller leading the way, that wait might not be long.

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