Q&A with Channing Frye

Ex-Wildcat and Phoenix Sun Channing Frye talks to Inna Lazarev about his bet with Grant Hill, Arizona's NCAA tournament run, and more.

WildcatAuthority.com: So first of all, I've got to know how Grant Hill is looking in his Arizona gear.

Channing Frye: Grant Hill looks real good. I'm on Twitter now, so I'll post a picture maybe tomorrow morning.

I've been giving Grant a lot of crap. It was a great game. The first half I was a little scared, but you know we really turned it up in the second and showed what kind of team we could be. They're a good team; they're making us old heads proud.

WildcatAuthority.com: I know you didn't want to rep the Blue Devils today. You must've been pretty confident.

Channing Frye: Yeah I was pretty confident. Plus, I know some secret passage ways where nobody would see me wear that ugly blue. It was a mix between confidence and sneakiness.

WildcatAuthority.com: Most of the nation probably would've guessed that you'd be wearing blue today. Yet not only did Arizona beat a #1 seed, it completely dismantled the defending champs. How impressive was UA's performance last night?

Channing Frye: Extremely impressive. We definitely got out in the second half and really just broke down all their press, and just attacked them at the rim. It really brought them down.

WildcatAuthority.com: Let's talk about Derrick Williams' performance. He's got the whole nation's attention after last night.

Channing Frye: He should. He should. I feel like he's the number one player in the country right now. He's playing like it and he's doing everything he needs to do to not only be a great leader, but a great player. His confidence is getting higher and higher every game.

WildcatAuthority.com: Arizona is in the Elite Eight. Sean Miller hasn't even been in Tucson for two years. Did you expect so much so fast?

Channing Frye: You know what, with the fans that we have in Arizona and the tradition, I felt like Sean Miller was a great addition. He has them playing hard. Even last year, some of those guys weren't his guys and he was just getting his system down.

And to be honest, the sky's the limit for their team, man. When you have support and backing of the other people in Tucson and the Arizona alumni, it's tough not to be successful. But those guys, Sean Miller has them playing, and Sean Miller has done a great job of just letting them go out there and play, and play ball the right way.

WildcatAuthority.com: Have you been communicating with some of those Arizona alumni?

Channing Frye: Yeah. Richard (Jefferson), Luke (Walton), those kind of guys. I talked to Justin Kokoskie, the trainer, and Steve Kerr. For us as alumni, we really are just so proud of them and continue to try and let them know how much backing they have from us.

WildcatAuthority.com: What's Arizona have to do to beat UConn and advance to the Final Four?

Channing Frye: Continue to be aggressive; the way they attacked the rim in the second half, the way they just were aggressive, and were the aggressors. I think they really just came out with a sense of urgency and played like, ‘you know what, we're not going to adjust to you, you adjust to us.'

WildcatAuthority.com: You played a pretty memorable game yourself against UConn, during your freshman year. What do you remember about that game?

Channing Frye: Oh man. Caron Butler traveled and we lost. I'll never forget it. It's a tough loss, but hey, maybe they'll get some revenge for us tomorrow.

WildcatAuthority.com: Do you have any bets going on with UConn alumni?

Channing Frye: No, I don't know any UConn guys. But Vince (Carter) already knows what the deal is; I'll have a Wilbur the Wildcat hat for him once we beat them too.

WildcatAuthority.com: Last month you told me that Arizona is going to do what you didn't do, and it's going to win a national championship. Could it be this team?

Channing Frye: It definitely could be. I think right now they have an intimidation factor. Teams are afraid of them because they're still continuing to get better. You look at teams like North Carolina, you look at teams like Connecticut, they're going to give you the same thing every night and it's a matter of stopping it or not stopping it, but Arizona is continuing to get better. Guys are flourishing at the right time, and Sean Miller has them playing with a lot of confidence.

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