Players express disappointment after loss

While there are many positives to take away from this season, Arizona's players could not help but to express disappointment after the game.

Arizona gave UConn a solid game on Saturday, but in the end it was not enough.

Although the tournament run created optimism in the future and more, the players expressed disappointment after the game.

"There are only eight teams left and it's going to be 4 sooner or later, and there is going to be one winner and one loser, and we're on the losing side of that and UConn played a great game," Derrick Williams said.

"Everybody wants to take some plays that they did wrong back, and especially me. I had a couple of plays that I want to take back, too. That's it."

One of the plays that will surely get analyzed is the numerous three-point attempts at the end of the game.

"When I'm open I'm going to shoot the three," Williams said. "You never want to take the shot with -- you know, it's a set play you never want to take the shot with less than 4 seconds because you can't get an offensive rebound, I took the shot with 8 seconds, we got the rebound, kicked it back out to Jamelle, so that's why I shot with 8 left, so we could get the offensive rebound or if they got the defensive rebound we could foul and have a chance to shoot another shot.

"I shot it, missed, we got the rebound, and Jamelle missed. I'm not sure where we shot from the three, but in the second half we picked it up a little bit, in the first half we were 1 of 11. I'm not saying that's why we lost, but we didn't shoot the ball well tonight."

Williams had three early fouls, but says that he was able to deal with the situation due to experience.

"I've been in that situation plenty of times this season where I've had, going into halftime with two or three fouls," Williams said. "You know, I try and stay aggressive and whenever you're passive and sitting back, that's when you get most of your fouls.

"I tried to stay aggressive and show my hands and show that I'm not fouling, and that's what I did in the second half, I don't think I had another foul. I try and stay aggressive, keep my teammates in the game, whenever I'm in the game or if I'm not in the game just try and cheer 'em on."

However, Lamont Jones admits that the offense as a whole suffered with Williams on the bench.

"He's a big part of our offense," Jones said. "With him out of the game we got to do a couple of other things to create shots. He opens up a lot of looks for other people, and tonight when he was out of the game we didn't do so good and it didn't work to our advantage tonight.

"We didn't play how we was supposed to. We missed a couple of shots that we would have normally knocked down."

The first half was in Connecticut's favor, but both teams made runs in the second.

In the end, it was UConn's last run that was the difference in the game.

"That's what great teams do," Williams said. "They set a lot of screens just to get their best shooters open and in that case Jeremy Lamb had a couple of great screens on our players. He hit a tough floater in that run, and I think that's what sparked it. He's a great player and great players are going to make good shots.

"Whenever you have screens like that -- they set a lot of ball screens so it's tough on everybody just -- especially Kemba Walker coming off ball screens, it's pretty hard to guard that.

"Fogg did an excellent job on him, but he also does a good job of getting other people the ball as well, like Lamb. They made tough shots. We put a run together, they put a run together and that's really what it comes down to is a game of runs and they had the last run."

With the disappointment present, Jones is still happy about the opportunity the postseason gave him.

"It's an amazing feeling," Jones said. "Every kid dreams of this feeling. For us to be one of the last teams standing, a lot of people want to be in our shoes and we got here.

"It's unfortunate that it has to end here, but the feeling of playing here is just a great feeling. It's something that you'll always remember."

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