SMU offers Allison

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey linebacker Jeremiah Allison received his second offer this week, this time from SMU.

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey linebacker Jeremiah Allison is hearing from top programs throughout the nation, but what looks to be an eventful recruitment is just getting underway as Allison reels in his second offer.

On Wednesday afternoon, the junior made a phone call to SMU's offensive line coach, who had good news to share with the prospect.

"I called Adrian Klemm," reports an excited Jeremiah Allison. "He was just informing me that he ran it by the head coach and the head coach loved my videos and my game and he said they wanted to offer me a full ride scholarship."

The Dorsey standout claims he learned about SMU by watching an ESPN special.

"I caught a glimpse of what SMU is about on a show called 30 for 30," says Allison. "I found out a lot of good things about the school off that show, but I'm not really familiar with the history of SMU yet."

He may not know yet, but he is excited to find out. The talented linebacker is interested in planning a trip to Dallas in the future to learn more about the program and check it out for himself.

"He (Adrian Klemm) told me to get in contact with Jordan Payton and ask him how SMU is and to take a trip out there too," Allison said. "I would love to see how SMU is."

Although further from home than some of the other schools that are after him, Allison assures that location is not a factor.

"I'm interested in all schools," he says. "I want to get out and explore the other aspects and stuff like that; it all just depends on how things go."

What particular aspects will the junior be looking for?

"Just education and the family feel," reveals the devoted student who boasts an impressive 4.25 GPA. "A school has to be high in academics and athletics. Football is a sport, but the title name is student-athlete, so I take pride in being a student."

The student-athlete must have a hunch that his offers are just starting to trickle in, as he is taking his time in naming favorites.

"There's no leader right now," he explains. "It's just a privilege to talk to all these schools."

This linebacker is ready to play the field, though he has not forgotten about his first offer.

"One of my close friends is Jonathan Franklin, a running-back from UCLA," Allison shares. "They have practice, so I'm planning on going up there to watch."

ASU's Junior Day on April 2nd and USC's Nike Camp on April 3rd will be where you can find Allison next.

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