Quinn getting used to expanded role

Kyle Quinn may only have one career start, but he is hoping his experience wears off on the other linemen.

Kyle Quinn only has one start in his career. When Colin Baxter went down last season, Quinn was called on to be the starting center in the Holiday Bowl.

Now, Arizona is hoping that Quinn can take that brief experience and translate it into success this season.

"I am the old guy with one start," Quinn said. "When you are playing center it comes with being a leader.

"Colin was a leader ever since he was here. You are basically the quarterback of the offensive line."

Quinn also has to work on improving his own play, but knows that his position calls for much more than that.

"A lot comes with the position, but also I need to do my job as the leader to show the young guys what a game is like and what it is like to go through a 90 play game and what the emotions are," Quinn said.

"I tell them it is rough but it is definitely a lot of fun."

One aspect that has led to Quinn having more fun has been his relationship with offensive line coach Robert Anae.

"Coach Anae is a great guy," Quinn said. "He is old school and has been around the block a while.

"He has come in and really simplified things for us and it is getting back to basics and having fun and enjoying the game of football because it is a fun game to play."

While working with Anae may be relatively new to the offensive linemen, Quinn believes the unit has responded well.

"He has really simplified things for us," he said. "He raises his tone at us when he needs to and is not a quiet guy by any means. We respond to it very well."

Quinn is not sure how long it will take for the offensive line to gel, but is a strong believer that it will happen.

"It is hard to say with such a young group," Quinn said. "You can't really put a time on it. We just need to come out here and practice and work hard.

"We need to continue to grow and hang out on and off the field together. We have really come together as a group. We are a close group already."

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