Five biggest storylines this offseason

It should be a big off-season for the Arizona basketball program. Here are the five storylines that we expect to highlight the summer.

1. Derrick Williams' NBA decision

There's no question that the biggest news of the off-season will be Derrick Williams' upcoming decision about whether to stay in school or enter the NBA Draft.

If Williams leaves, Arizona will be a good team next season, but there will be plenty of question marks regarding just how good the Wildcats can be.

Should Williams return, optimism surrounding UA basketball will hit a level not seen in years, as the Wildcats could arguably be the top team in the country next season.

This decision should be made sooner than later, and what happens should shape the Wildcats' offseason.

2. Archie's replacement

With the loss of Archie Miller from Arizona's staff, Sean Miller has a big decision to make in finding someone to replace him. Archie was the full package for UA in that he was a big part of the Wildcats' recruiting and coaching. That means he won't be easily replaced.

Sean is planning on taking his time in finding a replacement, which makes sense considering the amount of candidates he has to sort through and the importance of finding the right guy.

New associate head coach James Whitford is confident that the staff will bring in a talented replacement.

"I'm sure we'll find someone else who is also very talented," Whitford said. "We're going to miss Arch but this is a place that attracts great coaches and Sean will find someone else to do the job."

3. Sean Miller's contract extension

At some point in the near future, Sean Miller is expected to sign a new deal with the Wildcats. As of late last week, there hadn't been much negotiating regarding what that deal will entail, although one can expect Miller and his staff to earn more money, while also gaining easier access to a private jet for recruiting purposes, something that has been an issue to date.

What will be interesting is how the UA athletic department responds to the staff's desire to gradually become a school that charters flights to games, as is the case at a good percentage of other high major programs around the country.

Arizona is considered an elite program nationally, but there are still parts of the program that aren't elite, and the Wildcats switching from commercial to private flights would go a long way to keeping Miller and staff happy.

The UA has done a good job of showing a commitment to continue to improve facilities, and as long as that remains the case, that will also be helpful in keeping Miller around for the long haul.

4. Changes on UA's roster

It's no secret that Arizona is over the scholarship limit and that there are players on the Wildcats' roster from last season who will no longer be on the team next year.

Over the next few weeks, Miller will be having meetings with players on the roster, and following those discussions, it's conceivable that there are transfer decisions. However, until Williams makes a decision on what he's going to do, it's unlikely that there will be any surprise transfers.

We won't speculate on potential transfers, but at the same time as of now it isn't anticipated that anyone who could be leaving would come as a major surprise to anyone.

5. Spring and summer recruiting

Arizona has been on a tear on the recruiting path and the Wildcats' NCAA tournament run should only help. The question now is how much?

The UA staff already has a couple longtime 2012 targets in Rosco Allen and Brandon Ashley, the former of which could decide in the spring, while the latter will likely hold off until late summer or fall.

The coaches are currently planning on adding a wing to the class, and right now there aren't many options outside of Allen, who is still technically considered a wing by the staff. Look for the staff to closely monitor wing players this spring and start pursuing some new names.

With the Wildcats' successful season, the staff should have an easier time getting in the door with prospects than it has before, and it will be interesting what UA's recruiting list looks like in a month or two.

It's very normal for a target list to change substantially from March/April to June/July.

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