Hill making an impression

Wide receiver Austin Hill is working hard to make sure he will have an opportunity to impress this season.

For several years now, the wide receiver position has been one of Arizona's strongest units on either side of the ball. It has produced some of the best players in the Pac-10 conference over the years and has enough depth that it should continue to be one of the best units in the new Pac-12 for years to come.

The Wildcats have done a great job of keeping a youthful, talented group waiting in the wings every year it seems and this year appears to be no different. The 2010 class brought in several receivers that have all of the physical tools to succeed, but were forced to redshirt because of the established players in front of them.

One player from that group looking to make an impact in 2011 is Austin Hill. After one year of practicing at the college level and a lot of observing on the sidelines as a true freshman, Hill believes he is ready to make an impact on the field.

"I've gotten a lot better, but there is always someone better out there, so I am working hard every day," Hill said. "I have come a long way and I hope I can make a big statement this year."

Hill looked impressive in the first spring scrimmage this past weekend. He looked like he has developed pretty good chemistry with quarterback Nick Foles, as he was targeted by the UA signal caller. Hill believes he is starting to show a lot on the field; possibly enough to render some serious playing time.

"I've been showing them that I am not going to mess up and I am going to make plays." Hill said. "It's all up to the coaches now."

The young wideout has spent a lot of time listening to his teammates. He has become especially close with UA star receiver Juron Criner over the past year.

"I've been working with Juron a lot," Hill said. "He mentored me the whole season and it helped a lot. He's almost like a brother to me now."

Not only has Criner's mentoring helped Hill with his transition to the college game, but playing around such a talented group can only help a young receiver like Hill. He has become so close with his fellow receivers that it has become a family-like atmosphere among the unit.

"All of us, we are all brothers, so we all help each other out," Hill said. "We all point out certain things every day. So we make each other better every day."

There is little question that the Wildcats are stacked at receiver. The group is what's going to spark the offense more often than not and Hill is pretty confident with just who the best receiving corps in the Pac-12 are.

"We are," Hill said.

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