Buckner excited for future

After sitting out last season, Dan Buckner is ready to contribute.

It has been a while since Dan Buckner was able to play in a real football game.

While his transfer from Texas still has not allowed him to do that, he is finally able to work with the first team offense.

So far, Buckner likes what he sees and says he is in the process of developing a solid relationship with his quarterback.

"It feels good to be out there with the ones and getting timing with Nick (Foles) and being out there playing football," Buckner said. "The timing is pretty good and I am working on getting timing with Nick and enjoying being out there playing football."

Buckner credits Foles' work as a major reason why the two have been able to hit it off so quickly.

"Foles is a good guy that comes out and works hard and does everything that needs to be done to be accurate and on point," Buckner said. "We have our timing down pretty well."

Buckner does not shy away from expectations, as his are similar to most Arizona fans.

"We want to be the best receiving core in the nation," he said. "The season is not here yet, but I feel like everybody will be able to get everybody else open."

In order to do that, Buckner believes the run game will have to be successful.

"Hopefully we are able to run the ball and make the other team load up the box and then throw it," he said.

"It is the ultimate team sport, so you have to have everybody."

In addition, Buckner enjoys the fact that he is able to go up against a strong defense every day in practice.

"They say we have young DBs, but at the same time when you are young and everybody is against you, you have nothing to prove," he said.

"Our DBs are great. They are not all young, there is some experience back there doing well."

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