John Miller happy with son's progress

Sean Miller is considered to be one of the best coaches in the country, but his dad is certainly a great coach in his own right. talks with John Miller about other job opportunities for Sean, the future of the program, and more.

As Arizona's basketball season progressed, head coach Sean Miller continued to get credit as one of the best coaches in the country.

While there are numerous reasons why he is indeed a good coach, one major reason is his background.

Sean's father, John Miller, retired in 2005 as head coach of Blackhawk High School in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Miller finished his coaching career with a record of 657-280 in 35 seasons. To put it in perspective, he won 13 straight section titles and had a 111 game winning streak, both Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) records. In addition, his squad made the state semifinals fourteen straight times at one point.

Although Miller has retired as a head coach, he is still in the process of teaching others.

"Right now what I'm doing is running all kinds of basketball camps and tournaments, as well as AAU programs back in Pittsburgh," Miller said. "It's called Drill for Skill the Miller Way.

"I'm also working for a company called 94fifty, which is a brand new ball handling and shooting company, where we measure young kids in ball handling and shooting skills, and we test them and measure them so we can tell them how they can improve. This is a brand new program coming out. I think it will be the latest thing to hit the market and I think it will really become a hot commodity."

The company has already started to gain recognition, as some of the best programs in the country are using it.

"Right now we have Arizona in it, Ohio State, Michigan, and I think we're on the verge of Kentucky, and we're breaking it out," Miller said. "You're going to hear a lot about 94fifty for sure."

Although Miller remains busy, he has made sure that he has had the time to follow the Arizona program.

"I think I came out three times," Miller said. "I have to see my grandsons, and I've been out to see the team. I watched them practice and saw what they're doing.

"We're definitely on the move. We're trying to get it back to where Lute had it and I think we're really on the road to recovery."

A large part of that recovery is Sean Miller and when rumors arose about him going to N.C. State, John was quick to shoot them down.

"They contacted me," he said of N.C. State. "I think what it was, they didn't want to interfere with Arizona, so they chose to talk to me so maybe I could pass some stuff along.

"I think he's very happy with where he's at. Sean is the type of guy where he doesn't want to lose. After you've won for a while, then you go back and you have to rebuild, rebuild, rebuild, it grows tiresome when you have to rebuild and move."

One of the reasons that John was confident Sean would not leave Arizona is the level of respect that he has for the program as a whole and what it is able to accomplish.

"I think right now, where is there a better place than Arizona?" Miller said. "On the West Coast there's Arizona and UCLA. On the East Coast, there's all these teams where you're fighting against.

"On the West Coast, there's a lot of great players in the territory, right there in California. I think we're able to get more than our fair share. So I think if you work hard and recruit hard, you're going to be right there, just as it was under Coach Olson."

Miller says that there was not much discussion with Sean about leaving Arizona, as he was able to come to a conclusion quickly.

"He already had his mind made up," John said. "He likes it out in Arizona, he loves what's going on and he's really pretty happy. We don't want to reroute the family so I think right now, we're putting the blinders on and it's full steam ahead."

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