Scouting Report for Jawann McClellan

He was the first high school junior to verbally commit to Arizona, so you had to assume that Jawann McClellan was special. McClellan led the Houston Hoops to the Las Vegas Easter Classic title and showed glimpses of why the UA wanted him so much.

6-5, 190
Shooting Guard
Milby High School
Houston, Texas
Houston Hoops AAU
Committed to Arizona

Silky smooth shooter who is more comfortable on the perimeter but will drive the lane at times. Is long but has a good build. Has been working hard on getting stronger and has begun working in the weight room more vigorously.

Things come easily for Jawann McClellan. At times it looks like he is hardly trying, but make no mistake he hustles. Believe it or not he actually works harder on the defensive end than he does on the offensive end. He is strong fundamentally but seems to lack structure to his game, but that could be a product of recently joining a new AAU team.

McClellan does not force things and makes good decisions. He is not one to over-dribble and actually needs to attack the hoop more. He has some nice moves down low, but looks to score much more often on the outside.

McClellan has a nice stroke but appears to be a bit of a streak shooter. He gets nice lift on his shot, but does not explode up when taking the jumper. He does not get rid of the ball as fast as you might like, but is not so slow that he is in danger of getting blocked.

McClellan is quick and his athleticism is apparent. He is similarly built like Hassan Adams and physically resembles the Wildcat guard quite a bit. His quickness is displayed when he runs the floor and he is often pitted against the opponent's point guard in an attempt to disrupt the offense.

There are aspects that need improvement. He has a tendency to stand around on offense when the ball is not in his hands. A lot of this is due to the nature of his just joining the Hoops, but you'd like to see a player with his explosiveness move more and try to get even better scoring opportunities. McClellan does not hit the glass as hard as the Wildcat coaches would like, but you know Olson and his staff will make sure their new wing player makes his presence known on the boards.

OUTLOOK: McClellan is the type of wing the Wildcats desire. He is long, fast and athletic. He is a more polished offensive player than Adams and Andre Iguodala were at this stage, but is by no means a finished product. The most intriguing thing about McClellan is his outside shooting ability. He has a nice stroke and when he is on, he is amazing.

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