Double Pump Spring Tournament: Evaluations

Friday was the first day of the Double Pump Spring Tournament and WildcatAuthority was there to evaluate the numerous Arizona prospects in attendance.

LAKEWOOD, Colo.- The Double Pump Spring Tournament kicked off Friday and there were several Arizona prospects in attendance. There is enough competition in this tournament to definitely push kids to take it to the next level and a couple of prospects were able to do just that. was in attendance and here are player evaluations on several prospects:


Rosco Allen: To be fair to Allen a few of his teammates took a lot of shots in their game against the Texas D-1 Ambassadors and Allen had few chances at looks at the basket. He shot the ball twice, both from three point range, making one of his attempts.

He still has good vision, as he was able to find teammates for good looks but not much was able to come out of a game where Rosco was not fed the ball much at all. Allen has shown great competitiveness in the past, which is a reason a lot of scouts like him and he will once again need to bounce back Saturday and be aggressive.

Shaquille Cleare: Perhaps the most impressive prospect of Friday night's action was the big man for Houston Defenders Select. The 6-foot-9, 280-pound center displayed a range of talents and was the enforcer all game in the middle.

For one, Cleare has great hands, as he grabbed many difficult rebounds and caught some difficult passes. He can run the floor well even though he said he is still working on his conditioning. A coach always loves his big man to run rim-to-rim and he does that well.

Cleare also is a great passer, as he found teammates for open looks and even made some difficult passes. A player his size also needs to be a good finisher and Cleare is just that as he has soft touch but can hammer in a dunk as well.


Chris Thomas: Thomas was the subject of a lot of attention in his first AAU game back in his hometown of Denver as he and his Colorado Hawks teammates fell to California Supreme in the first premier matchup of the tournament. A year later, Thomas definitely passed the eye test as he has put on more muscle and seemed to even grow an inch as well.

As far as his game went, it was often a struggle for Thomas to get what he wanted. The wing could not find his outside shot, so he drove the ball where many players from California Supreme were there waiting for the elite player. He often shot the ball in traffic but still was able to find open teammates and also make some tough shots.

Thomas handled the frustrations well and you can still see where his skills put him amongst the elite in his class. He has great feel for the game and is very athletic, but California Supreme was able to frustrate him and send several guys at him each play. It will be interesting to see how he responds in Saturday's action.

Andrew Harrison: When looking at both twins, there is actually a difference in their games. For Andrew, he is more of the distributor and point guard for his team and he did that very well for the Houston Defenders Select team. He has a good, quick dribble for his 6-foot-5 frame and can find teammates in traffic and in transition.

He hit some shots from deep, which is important for a lead guard to do, while he also defended well too. Andrew is a great compliment to what his brother brings to the table.

Aaron Harrison: Aaron is the scorer and tries to fill up the stat sheet, but did not have his best game on Friday night. His shot was not falling and he was also turning the ball, over but he remained aggressive the entire game.

The 6-foot-5, 205-pound shooting guard is strong, especially going to the basket and has good form on his shot even though it was not falling.

Isaac Hamilton: The 2013 prospect had some first game jitters as he did not play particularly well against a disciplined Iowa Pump-N-Run team. He did not take good shots and did not really do the things that he does well.

Hamilton is a good passer and has a great feel for the game, but was trying to force the issue too much. He is another player that we will be able to see if he can have a better performance.

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