Wildcats lead for lineman

Arizona had numerous visitors on Saturday and at least one came away with the Wildcats as his leader.

The Spring Game is generally a big day for recruiting for programs, and Saturday's game was no different for Arizona. Chandler High School offensive tackle Zach Hemmila made the trip down the I-10, and was happy with what he saw from the Wildcats offensively.

"The game was great, the offense was awesome," Hemmila said. "They played awesome and I really liked the coaches."

After spending some time with the coaches, Hemmila was blown away by the hospitality of UA during his visit.

"It was good to talk to the coaches and get to know them and talk to the players and everything," Hemmila said. "The coaches treat you more like you're at home than other schools."

The 6-foot-3, 255-pound senior-to-be had the chance to talk to his potential position coach Robert Anae and came away very impressed with UA's new offensive line coach.

"I talked to Coach Anae and he told me he wants me really bad," Hemmila said. "He told me what will happen when I come there. He's a great coach. He's not one of those yelling-type coaches if you screw up. He understands everyone screws up and he just wants you to come 100 percent every time.

"If you go 100 percent and screw up, it's fine as long as you're learning and getting better."

Even though he enjoyed his time with Arizona, Hemmila wants to continue to explore his options and plans on moving forward with his recruitment.

"I feel like I'm close to knowing where I want to go," Hemmila said. "But I want to take a couple more visits and make sure I know for sure where I want to go and everything."

The 47th-ranked tackle in the class of 2012 who lists offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State and Montana believes he is close to adding a few more Pac-12 offers to his list.

"Stanford said they're close to offering me, I just need to retake my SAT and get my score up," Hemmila said. "Cal wants me to go to their camp over the summer, and I want to look at San Diego State."

If Hemmila decides to take those visits, his decision should be made easier by a clear idea of what he'll be looking for from his prospective schools.

"I'm looking to see if they have what I want to do school wise," Hemmila said. "I want to have a great relationship with the coaches. I want a coache who isn't going to yell at you for everything you do wrong, he'll help you learn instead on just yelling at you."

Even though he plans on exploring other schools, Hemmila listed in-state rivals as the co-leaders for his services, although that may change pending offers from other schools.

"It's between UA and ASU with the offers I have right now," Hemmila said. "If I go on visits to San Diego State and Cal and I like them, I'll try to get offers from them and go from there."

With a successful visit to Arizona in the books, Hemmila admits the Wildcats got a big boost and have put themselves in a good position moving forward in his recruitment.

"They helped themselves on Saturday," Hemmila said. "They also helped me figure out where I want to go. I've been to one of their practices, I've been to their meetings, and it was great. I really like them."

With the process just starting to heat up, Hemmila does not plan on making a decision anytime soon and is looking for a comfort level with the school he ultimately will sign with.

"I have been going back and forth on before the season or after the season," Hemmila said. "If I know I want to go somewhere, then I'll make the decision. Once I feel that I want to go there for sure, then I'll commit. It just depends on when I get that feeling that I'm 100 percent sure."

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