Double Pump Tournament: Sunday Evaluations

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - was in attendance for the final day of the Double Pump Spring Tournament and numerous Arizona prospects were in attendance, including one new name Arizona fans will be hearing plenty about.

LAKEWOOD, Colo.- Sunday marked the final day of the Double Pump Spring Tournament in Colorado and the city of Houston represented well. Houston Defenders Select won at both the 17's and 16's divisions and some Arizona prospects were able to lead their teams to victory.

Here are's player evaluations:


Shaquille Cleare: It was a rough Sunday for Cleare, who otherwise had a very decent tournament overall. The five-star center had an injured right thumb, which is his dominant hand.

He had tape on the thumb, but it really hindered his handle of the ball on both making moves to the basket and shooting shots. He turned the ball over because he allowed others to strip it, which did not happen in the previous two games.

Cleare still had a good tournament, as he was the anchor in the middle for his championship team.

Rosco Allen: Allen and his teammates had an up and down day as they got close to making the championship game, but come up short against California Supreme in the semi-finals. In the quarterfinal game against Pump N' Run Elite, Allen followed suit with the rest of his teammates, as they were the obvious aggressors in the game.

Allen attacked the offensive boards and also drove the lane early on to get some strong baskets. It then opened up other parts of his game as he hit a few threes to really open the game up.

In a loss to California Supreme, the tables were turned. Supreme was the aggressor and Double Pump Elite found itself overpowered in the lane. Allen could not do much against the strength of the opposing front court players and unfortunately Double Pump Elite had to exit the tournament.

It was a decent overall tournament for Allen, who was still not as aggressive as many are accustomed to seeing from him.


Andrew Harrison: It was a solid day overall for one of the best guards in the class of 2013. Harrison helped set the pace for the Houston Defenders all day and led it to the Double Pump Spring Tournament championship. He stepped up his performance with each game and responded every time he was pushed to the limit by an opponent.

His best performance came in the championship game against California Supreme. He started the game looking for his shot and being aggressive, which is not as much his strength as it is to set his teammates up for easy shots first.

Eventually he ran the break and made things happen with the pass first, which led to the lane opening up for him. You could choose the highlight of the day, both coming from Harrison. One one play, he drove the lane and had a powerful dunk on three players that really broke the game open and the other play was a drive to the basket that he put through his legs to a teammate for an easy layup.

It was a good performance for the point guard Harrison, who was often times the best player on the court.

Aaron Harrison: Aaron was the perfect complement to his brother Andrew, especially early on in the day. After missing Saturday's action with a deep thigh bruise, he started Sunday morning with a fury of points, scoring 15 points in the first half.

For the rest of the day, Harrison was hot and cold from the field but definitely was more efficient going to the basket, as his shot was not falling consistently. His shot was inconsistent for most of the weekend, but he has decent form and his shot should improve as he continues to develop.

Sunday was the first day that you could really see Harrison's defensive skill frustrate opponents. He was able to block some shots throughout the day and create turnovers as well.


Justise Winslow: One player that really impressed on Sunday was Winslow, who played for the 16U division of Houston Defenders Select. The impressive part of their championship this weekend is that all the players on the team are in the class of 2014.

For Winslow, he is the most impressive of the bunch and has elite athleticism and great vision. He is already 6-foot-5 and is a lefty that got to the basket at will, but would rather set his teammates up and get everyone involved.

Winslow did not shoot the ball much, but connected on a few. In an interview with Josh Gershon, the do-it-all guard said that he is interested in Arizona and at this point he will definitely be an elite recruit.

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