Morrison getting comfortable

Richard Morrison entered Arizona as a quarterback and now he is hoping to make a bigger impact at receiver.

Last season, former high school quarterback Richard Morrison made the transition to wide receiver, where he got significantly better as the season progressed.

A position already littered with talented players ready to make an impact, Morrison was still able to work his way up the depth chart to become an impact player by the end of the season.

The wideout concluded the 2010 season with 19 receptions for 188 yards and produced over half those yards in his final three appearances. Now with a full season under his belt, Morrison is better acclimated to not only the wide receiver position, but the offense as a whole.

"I'm very comfortable," Morrison said. "I am good with the system. I realize I am a wide receiver now, not a quarterback. I am pretty confident and I am ready to play."

The UA receiver is using the spring session as a chance to establish himself as one of the best players on offense. He has been able to accept the fact that he is strictly a wide receiver now and has improved dramatically at the position since the beginning of the 2010 season.

"The whole point of this spring is to get better and do better than I did last year," Morrison said. "Last year is in the past. It's time to be a wide receiver."

It was evident that Morrison was developing better chemistry with quarterback Nick Foles towards the end of the season. The soon-to-be sophomore wideout is working on his timing with the Arizona quarterback each practice.

"It's pretty good," Morrison said. "At the same time, we just got new stuff that we put in, so that's messing up a little bit of the timing, but most of the time our timing with Nick is pretty good."

There is little question that the wide receiver position is – by far – the deepest and most talented unit on the roster. In many ways, the success of the Arizona football squad is reliant on how well UA's passing attack performs. While there is a ton of depth and plenty of established talent, Morrison believes everyone in the rotation has a chance to reach number one on the depth chart.

"I feel like everybody has a fair chance to start," Morrison said. "We all work and compete to make each other better, so anyone can be a starter."

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