Slavin eager to make plays

Tyler Slavin was on the sidelines last season, but is now ready to make a major impact this year.

After watching his team from the sideline for a year, Tyler Slavin is eager to get into the game.

The redshirt freshman is happy with the way he's progressed in spring camp and believes that his hard work will translate into a high-quality performance in the fall.

"Spring ball was very fluent," Slavin said. "No big mistakes, just getting used to it. I've been coming along very well; just getting used to the plays and chemistry with the quarterbacks.

"I think I'll do pretty well this year. I just need to come out here working hard every day."

Being a part of one of Arizona's most impressive receiver cores to date, Slavin has a talented group of players to learn from and feed off of.

"It's like a big family," he says of the wide receiver unit. "Once one receiver catches the ball and then the next receiver catches the ball, it just keeps going on.

"With a strong receiver core, it just lifts you up and makes you perform well too.

The UA receiver is looking forward to his role on the team in the 2011 season. He knows where he fits in and is excited for the opportunity to contribute.

"I'll be second string behind Dan Buckner, but when I come in I'll do what I do best and try to make big plays," he said.

He promises Wildcat fans that he'll be entertaining this fall, and says the same about the team as a whole.

"We'll be a marching offense, a big play making offense; it'll be fun and exciting to watch," he said.

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