Wharton pleased with progression

Arizona's new kick returner Garic Wharton is pleased with his progression in the spring. The speedster is looking forward to his new role on the Wildcat offense.

Redshirt freshman Garic Wharton is happy with his development throughout spring camp and is excited for the opportunity to make an impact for the Wildcats.

"I feel like I had a good spring," he said. "Coming in, I was a little less experienced at wide receiver than Austin (Hill) and Tyler (Slavin), but I made progress."

The redshirt freshman is looking forward to his new responsibilities as Arizona's kick returner.

"Kick returner and any sweeps or quick bursts they want," he describes of his role next season. "Little quick packages, that's what I'll be doing."

The Las Vegas native gave Wildcat fans a little preview of those quick packages in UA's spring game on April 16th.

"I was real nervous," he recalls. "That first kick return, I was suppose to run a right and I ran a left. I don't know what happened, I just went blank. It turned out well though because I was fast enough to get around the corner."

Wharton intends on kicking the nerves and working out the kinks in time for the fall.

"I definitely want to make mistakes now and not in the first game against NAU," he said. "Hopefully by then all the butterflies will be out and I'll be ready to play and return one."

Legitimately one of the quickest players in Arizona football's recent history, Wharton is confident in his speed.

"I can beat everybody on this team in a race," he says with confidence.

"Dan Buckner, he's a lot faster than he looks, but he's fast. And Juron (Criner), actually we were racing in the locker room earlier this spring and it was close, but you know I always come out on top."

Wharton's experience running track could be a contributor to his impressive speed, though the receiver is adamant that football has and always will take priority.

"It all correlates together in an open field," he explains. "But I'm a football player and I run track, I'm not a track runner that plays football."

Whether it is football, track, or any other challenge that presents itself, Wharton is sure of one thing.

"I'm going to continue to excel," he declares.

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