Q&A with Mark Watley

WildcatAuthority.com spoke with Arizona safety Mark Watley about his take on spring football, the UA defense, and his expectations for the upcoming season.

WildcatAuthority.com: How do you feel spring ball went for you?

Mark Watley: I feel like us as a team we did good. Offense is improving every time and defense is getting better. I feel like I did well in spring. Not so much in the spring game, but hey everything happens for a reason; just have to go hard in the summer now, work hard and get ready for the season.

WildcatAuthority.com: You're going to have an increased role next year. What do you see that being?

Mark Watley: Probably a safety and a little bit of corner. Help the defense, help the DBs finish plays and make tackles. More speed, keep talking and doing my job.

WildcatAuthority.com: What's it been like playing for Coach Walters, what does he bring to the table that's different?

Mark Watley: It's been great, he's a great coach. He just got done playing, so he knows what we go through. He's young, he works us hard and he's just a great coach overall. He brings a lot of excitement, attitude, and energy. He's young, he's just like us, but he knows his stuff real well and he works us hard.

WildcatAuthority.com: How's it been adjusting on the defense after Adam Hall's injury?

Mark Watley: It's been a little different, people playing different positions, but you know we stay as a unit and work hard. When one guy goes down, another great guy comes in. You just have to replace.

WildcatAuthority.com: What's the biggest difference between playing with Rob Golden instead of Hall?

Mark Watley: It's pretty much the same. Adam and Rob, they both communicate, they're both talkers on the field, both experienced, so I'm just thankful to be working with them.

WildcatAuthority.com: Who stood out to you this spring?

Mark Watley: Jonathan McKnight. He's been real good in the spring. Got a lot of picks, working hard, good footwork; I think he's going to be real good for us.

WildcatAuthority.com: You go up against the offense every practice, how are they looking?

Mark Watley: They're looking real good. This receiver core is looking real good and making us better as DBs. Juron (Criner), Dan (Buckner), D-Rob (David Roberts), Doo-doo (David Douglas), and T. Mills (Terrence Miller); they're making us all better as DBs.

WildcatAuthority.com: What should Arizona fans expect from you guys next season?

Mark Watley: A lot of fun. Finishing, not like last year. We're going to finish games this year, just do our best and work hard.

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