Brooks Reed waits another day

Expected to be drafted Friday afternoon, it's only a matter of time for Brooks Reed and family.

On Thursday evening, former Arizona defensive end Brooks Reed gathered with family and friends at local Tucson restaurant, Frog & Firkin, for a draft party. Lots of celebrating was to be had, but a much anticipated phone call never came.

Still waiting for his name to be called, Reed is holding his head high.

"He's fine with it," his father Bob Reed assures. "We're all thrilled. If he goes in the second round, it's just wonderful. It's a miracle, because seven or eight months ago he was maybe seventh round, maybe free agent."

Boasting impressive off-season workouts and notable performances at the Senior Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine, Reed's stock rose overnight. Heading into draft day, the UA grad was projected as high as a potential late first round pick.

"He really began to ascend up the boards," explains Bob Reed. "We're real happy. It's just great that he's as high as he is."

Bob Reed attests that his NFL-bound son has been occupied doing all he can to ensure he's as successful as possible in the draft.

"He's working out, he's been very busy," Bob says. "He flew to places like Washington D.C. and Atlanta to visit teams. He's worked out with maybe seven or eight teams here at the university. They flew in a crew of people."

"The Falcons flew their whole front office in. They flew in ten people to watch him workout. Other teams have invited him back; the Ravens and Colts invited him to meet their office staff in their cities."

Brooks' agent, Kenny Zuckerman, has informed the family that the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers, and Baltimore Ravens are among the other professional teams most interested.

"We were kind of waiting around for those teams to pick," Bob shared after the first round on Thursday. "They chose somebody else tonight, but there's another round tomorrow and we'll see what happens."

Expected to go early Friday afternoon, Brooks shouldn't be waiting much longer.

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