Spring AAU: What we learned

Arizona has had numerous prospects in action during the spring AAU session and here is what we have learned about those prospects.

There have been numerous AAU tournaments this spring and with many of Arizona's prospects having been in action numerous times, this is a solid opportunity to look at what we have learned so far.

1.Chris Thomas can score: Yes, we knew this before. However, we truly did not grasp the high level that he could get it done at. Even when Thomas is having an off game, he has the ability to find ways to get the ball in the bucket.

Thomas gained a lot of respect when he went head to head with Shabazz Muhammad and that respect is certain to grow throughout the summer. Make no mistake about it, there are not many players in the country that can keep up with Thomas' scoring and he seems to be in the process of cementing himself as a top ten player.

2. Robert Upshaw and Mitch McGary have improved immensely: That is not to say that these players were not good before, because they certainly were. However, now when we mention these two, we are talking about two of the best players in the nation.

Upshaw sat out a year and then came back and dominated from the get go. When the new rankings come out, it would not be a surprise to see him approach five-star status. In similar fashion, McGary reclassified from 2011 to 2012 and, with the move, grew as a player and diversified his game.

3. Grant Jerrett is exactly what we thought he was: That definitely is not a bad thing, as Jerrett is a fundamental big man that is skilled enough to make an impact right away. Skilled big men have trouble in AAU ball because the pace of the game makes it difficult to get him the touches he deserves.

Jerrett's ranking is going to stay the same, if not be higher, by the time this AAU season is over because he knows what he excels at and sticks to it. Jerrett has to get stronger, but there is plenty of time to do that. As it stands, he is still one of the best post scorers in the class.

4.Jabari Bird is not a three-star: Every AAU season, there are numerous players that make a huge jump. Bird is near the top of that list, as he has already proven that he is one of the top scorers for the 2013 class. Bird can hit from behind the line, mid-range, or around the basket, and will likely have offers from the Pac-12 because of it.

5. Shabazz Muhammad is a program-changer: It remains to be seen where Muhammad is going to land, but what is already known is that he is going to have a major impact. Muhammad absolutely dominated the Jayhawk Invitational and has proven to be unstoppable at times.

We already knew he was a great player, but what he has done this spring has put him in discussion for the top player in the class.

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