Roberts has high expectations

David Roberts had a solid season last year and how his expectations are even higher.

With the Spring Game now over, Arizona football players have had time to reflect and wide receiver David Roberts is happy with his performance.

"I think I had a pretty good spring," Roberts said. "I came in prepared, and it's my last one, so I wanted to go big and make sure I approached every day like it was my last, because it was my last spring."

After the game, wide receivers coach Dave Nichol called Roberts "the heart and soul of the receiving core", a compliment the 6-foot, 190-pound receiver was happy to receive.

"It's a big thing to hear that," Roberts said. "I'm one of the senior guys, I've worked hard and it's an honor to be called that. I think it's just because I've been accountable. Day in and day out, I'm going to do my job and play hard."

Roberts will be entering his third season as a target for Nick Foles, and is happy with the connection that he as well as his fellow receivers have with their signal caller.

"I think that connection is something that's important," Roberts said. "It's not just a friend thing, but you have to know your quarterback and your quarterback has to know you. You might make a break and he has to know you're going to make that break. It's really important, and I think as a receiving core with our quarterbacks, we're all really close."

With the spring over, Roberts has now shifted his focus to setting a good example for his fellow receivers by working hard in the offseason.

"I'll be working on my routes and getting in and out," Roberts said. "I'll also be working on my timing with the quarterbacks. If we want to be the best wide receiving core in the nation, we're going to have to put in the work."

That desire to be the best group of receivers in the country is something that Roberts stated is something that is fueling all of the pass catchers heading into the season.

"We have goal that hangs up in our locker room and that's to be the best wide receiving core in the country," Roberts said. "That's our one goal for every wide receiver in our receiving core. That's our one goal and that's why we have to work hard."

If the wide receivers are successful at meeting their goals, Roberts foresees big things for both himself and the team.

"I want to go out well and I expect to surpass everything I've done in my earlier years," Roberts said. "I still want that Rose Bowl. We haven't been there and that's still the one goal and I like our chances. Everyone has the same chances in the offseason.

"Championships aren't won during the regular season, they're won with hard work during the offseason."

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