Olson speaks on Miller rumors

WildcatAuthority.com spoke with former University of Arizona head coach Lute Olson on Saturday afternoon. Coach Olson gives his thoughts on Sean Miller's current situation in this exclusive interview.

WildcatAuthority.com: Can you relate to the situation he's facing right now?

Lute Olson: Yeah, I had some opportunities to move on. I'm sure he's wondering what decision he should make if the offer is on the table. I don't know, but I understand there's a short list. You know the only thing I've said is Sean is a perfect fit here; I'd hate to see him leave. But he's going to have to do what he thinks is the right thing for him and the family.

WildcatAuthority.com: If Sean Miller were to call you today and ask for your advice, what would you tell him?

Lute Olson: I would just tell him he has to go with what he thinks is the best decision for himself and for his family.

WildcatAuthority.com: Have you had any contact with Greg Byrne or anyone from Arizona Athletics?

Lute Olson: No, I haven't.

WildcatAuthority.com: What have you heard about the other potential candidates for Maryland?

Lute Olson: I've just heard Mike Brey from Norte Dame who's from the East Coast and I heard something about Jamie Dixon. Jamie would certainly be a prime candidate. He's been one of the prime candidates for a lot of jobs over the last couple years.

WildcatAuthority.com: Where would you say that the Maryland job ranks?

Lute Olson: It's a very desirable job, but it's not Duke and it's not North Carolina. In that league, I think the two schools that are usually going to be playing for the title will be Duke and Carolina. We won the Pac-10 here. Certainly he would be competing for every championship here, whereas at Maryland I think it would be hard to replace North Carolina and Duke with their recruiting edges.

WildcatAuthority.com: There's a lot of talk about the benefits of Maryland's recruiting turf. Do you feel like it would be an advantage recruiting there as oppose to the West Coast?

Lute Olson: Well, probably because of the East Coast and the presence of New York City and Washington D.C., but no matter what one says about it, they're going to have a hard time beating Duke and North Carolina in recruiting.

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