Ron Holmes reacts to Miller's decision

On Saturday evening, talked to Shabazz Muhammad's father about the fact that Sean Miller is staying at Arizona. Click inside for his reaction and more. Sean Miller is indeed staying at Arizona. Reaction?

Ron Holmes: I knew he would. Why would you leave Arizona with the coverage that you have there, with the players that you have there, to go to Maryland? I figured it was kind of a power play. I mean I haven't even talked to him about it, but I just think it was probably a power play for him and I figured he would stay. I would have been very surprised if he would have left. There's been a lot of Arizona vs. Maryland comparisons in the media over the past couple of days. Are you saying there's no question?

Ron Holmes: Well I'm a West Coast guy. I know Sean comes from the East Coast, but to me, why would you go to Maryland and have to deal with Duke and North Carolina? Not have a lot of players there and you have to rebuild a program when you've done that at Arizona and you're pretty much on top of the west? It didn't make sense to me, unless it was motivated by money and stuff of that nature. Basketball is not really motivated by money for me, so I don't look at it that way. You told me earlier that Sunday's visit was up in the air. I'm assuming it's on now?

Ron Holmes: We were going to show up. We've already paid for our tickets, so we were going. We would've just had to go there and chill and play golf. We won't be playing golf now since we have a full agenda, I'm sure, but if they weren't going to be on campus then we would've had to play golf. It was going to be up in the air if he was going to leave, but I haven't even called them. I didn't even want to call them, because I wanted to go. They would have had to call us to tell us not to show up.

WildcatAuthority: What was Shabazz's reaction to all of this?

Ron Holmes: He knows it's a business. He might have made a comment about it earlier today, but he wasn't thinking about it. How will he react when he finds out that Miller is staying?

Ron Holmes: He'll be happy about it. He thought it was a no brainer too. We were talking about it and he was like ‘Dad, why would he want to go to Maryland from Arizona?' He didn't understand that. He'll be happy that he's staying, but he figured he would stay too because I basically gave him the same sentiment as I gave you. I just don't see the move unless he's motivated by money or something like that. I thought he was going to stay at Arizona. What specifically will you and Shabazz be looking for on your visit on Sunday?

Ron Holmes: Just want to see what Coach Miller will be talking to him about, how they would use him in the program, where he sees the program going from here; just things of that nature. Just feeling comfortable with the coaching staff and continue developing a relationship with the coaching staff. Do you think this will affect recruiting at all?

Ron Holmes: People like us will understand, we know it's a business. I'm not even blinking about it. Some people might, but I'm sure Sean had his reasons, so I'm sure he'll be able to articulate them to whomever he needs to talk to about them and it should be okay. At the end of the day, he's staying and he has a hell of a program there.

WildcatAuthority: Now that he's back, what does it mean for the future of Arizona Basketball?

Ron Holmes: I think it's going to keep moving up and I think that he's going to win a National Championship while he's there.

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