Arizona ready to compete with the best

The additions to Sean Miller's contract and the stability of the program now allow it to compete with the best programs in the country on a regular basis.

The past weekend was on full of rollercoaster emotions to say the least, but the end result was beneficial to Arizona, as head coach Sean Miller made the decision to stay at Arizona for the foreseeable future.

The effects of this decision are obvious in terms of the long-term success and recruiting impact, as both will be easier to reach.

The biggest impact, however, may be in the fact that Arizona made a proclamation that it deserves to be considered one of the more elite programs in the country and is now ready to compete with the programs that are already considered so.

While contract details are not official, what we do know is that Miller will get an escalating annual salary, raise for his staff, bonuses, and more private plane hours.

You can certainly make an argument that Arizona should have never been in the position it was in regards to having these amenities, but that is beside the point.

Arizona has them now and, because it does, it is ready to compete with the big boys.

If you look around the country at the programs that many consider elite, these issues are non-existent. Coach K is not lacking these things at Duke. Either is Thad Matta at Ohio State or Billy Donovan at Florida or numerous other coaches in the country.

It may not be the only reason these schools are generally successful, but it is certainly a big reason. Now, Arizona has little excuse to not succeed. It has taken care of some of the roadblocks that it has had before and has a coach that many consider to be one of the best in the nation.

When talking about Arizona, it now only needs to win. While it is easier to say than do, the Wildcats are not too far off from having new facilities. In addition, it already has the coach and that coach will certainly bring in the players.

This is an exciting time for the Arizona program, but it may not be such an exciting time for other schools in the conference and throughout the country.

After all, Arizona now as more ammunition to compete with the best.

It likely won't take long until it is one.

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