Sky the limit with Miller

Now that Arizona has retained Sean Miller, the program should be able to reach new heights.

After the dust had settled from the whirlwind of rumors surrounding Sean Miller and his future with Arizona, it turned out that he wasn't going anywhere at all. Despite innumerable, and ultimately incorrect, reports that coach Miller had agreed to a deal in principle, was on a private plane to Maryland, and would be announced the team's head coach as soon as Monday, UA's head man decided he didn't need to go anywhere.

The program that many Wildcat fans feared would come crashing down in an instant should Miller decide to head off to College Park got a shot of life nearly immediately when he decided that his budding West coast empire was enough, and that he didn't need to try to build one to compete with Duke and North Carolina in the east.

The returns of Miller's announcement have been immediate, as Shabazz Muhammad spent Sunday meeting with the coaching staff, touring McKale Center and Richard Jefferson Gym, rather than spending the day on the links at Arizona National or one of the areas innumerable golf courses.

While for about 10 hours it wasn't sure what would happen with Grant Jerrett and Eric Cooper, Jr. as a result on Miller's potential departure, there's no longer any need to fret over any potential de-commitments from the Lutheran High School duo.

Panic was instantaneous and widespread over what would happen to the prized recruiting class of 2011 that Miller and his staff were able to assemble. Instead of having to suffer at the sight of Nick Johnson tomahawk jamming, Josiah Turner handing out assists, and Angelo Chol and Sidiki Johnson controlling the paint all for other schools, Arizona fans will have the pleasure of watching these four don the Arizona threads for the foreseeable future.

And that foreseeable future is very bright.

Many wonder the fallout in recruiting that could potentially occur as a result of Miller's flirtation with Kevin Anderson and Maryland over the weekend. Coaches will inevitably raise questions over his loyalty, attempt to point out his eagerness to find another job, and will try to dissuade recruits all over the country from pledging to the Wildcats.

However, that task should prove to be as difficult, as Miller should have no problem convincing prospects and their families that he is in fact the head coach of Arizona, and that isn't changing any time soon.

His response to the attempted negative recruiting will likely go something like this: that he turned down a raise, a chance to return to the east coast, a shot to become a coach in one of the prized conferences in the country, an upgrade in facilities and everything else Maryland has to offer to remain the coach of the Arizona Wildcats.

If that doesn't scream commitment to a program and his players, then I'm not sure what does.

After deciding to stay with Arizona, it's painfully clear that Sean Miller is here to stay. Not only that, he's here to stay and bring back a championship (or two) to Tucson.

He came within a series of missed three point attempts from reaching the Final Four, and while we've heard all about how it has affected the players, it's obvious that Miller's small taste of success in Tucson just wasn't enough for him to feel good about leaving. He's made it clear he wants more than just a shot at the Final Four, he wants a shot at winning a National Championship.

And after this weekend it's clear to see that right now he doesn't want that shot with any other school other than Arizona.

With that dedication, it's clear that Sean Miller has not only established himself a West coast stronghold in Tucson, he's committed to taking it to new heights and achieving the levels of success that Arizona fans are used to. Not only that level, but levels beyond.

At just 42 years old, it's clear that The University of Arizona and Tucson belong to Sean Miller. He's out of Lute Olson's shadow, and while he has stated that he's only interested in following in his predecessor's footsteps, Miller is committed to creating his own legacy as the head coach of the Wildcats.

With his return, the program has received a substantial boost of stability; as recruits will have no doubt who their coach will be when they sign their Letter of Intent, and will have no doubt who will be at the helm during the pursuit for National Championships for the foreseeable future.

Sean Miller had made it clear: he's on a mission to bring home titles to Tucson. He'll make that clear to the prospects that he selects to be a part of that mission, and with the quality of teams he'll put on the floor year in and year out, Arizona fans will have no doubt that he's their head coach for a long time.

The only question left surrounding Arizona basketball is just how much it can accomplish with its new found stability and strength.

With Sean Miller at the helm, the sky is the limit.

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