Elite 8 in the Desert: Final Evaluations

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the Elite 8 in the Desert and here is a closer look at Arizona's prospects.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - We were in attendance at the Elite 8 in the Desert and although there were not a lot of Arizona prospects, here are our two-day evaluations.

  • Eric Cooper: Cooper is going to generate a lot of discussion because he is headed to Arizona and he may be one of the more intriguing players in the class.

    Make no mistake about it, the injury Cooper sustained is still bothering him. His lift is lacking a bit and he is not as explosive as he once was.

    In 2009, Greg Hicks of Scout.com wrote the following about Cooper at Pangos: "Cooper is the top prospect in the west for 2013 as of now. He's got a great frame, above average athleticism and a very high skill level for a young guard.

    "In one game at this event, he had a sequence where he drained three consecutive jumpers from beyond the NBA three-point line. It's incredible to think that he has yet to play a high school game. Assuming continued development, he'll be one of the top prospects nationally for his class."

    This is the player that Arizona hopes to see once again and it is not necessarily out of the question. The positive aspect of Cooper is he still has that same frame and is able to succeed in different ways.

    If Cooper is able to regain his full health and gain back some athleticism, it will be interesting to see what he becomes.

  • Jeremiah April: April is the type of player we want to see more of, since we have only seen him a few times.

    Physically, he is very intriguing. April has a solid frame that can put on more weight and he is already a legitimate 6-foot-10.

    Offensively, April likes to play in the post and has no problem using his size to his advantage. The only issue with his post game is that he tended to go away from the basket instead of going towards it.

    That is certainly something good coaching can fix and it will be interesting to see his progress as he plays at a higher level throughout the summer.

    April is in the class of 2013, which leaves plenty of time for him to improve and grow as a player. As it is now, April is a high-level prospect and one that will likely get the attention of numerous coaches this summer because of that potential.

  • Rosco Allen: Allen is slightly frustrating to watch because you just feel that a player of his height and skill level should be more dominant.

    Allen was solid throughout the weekend and is certainly a good player, but it would be nice to see him become a bit more aggressive.

    However, Allen ran the court extremely well and was solid at finding the open man after getting into the lane.

    It will be interesting to see what position schools tell him he can play, because while he wants to play on the wing a bit more, Allen certainly is not a wing player.

    That does not mean that he has to rely solely on a post game, but rather that his strengths are more inside.

    Allen has a solid jumper, but it is something he should be using to create space in order to get into the paint.

    Still, Allen is a solid prospect and with the right system and attitude, there is a good chance he will be successful at the next level.

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