Pac-12 Preview: Dreamers takes a look at the teams that have little chance to do anything in the Pac-12 this season

We have highlighted the favorites for the Pac-12 and teams that have the potential to possibly sneak into the upper tier. Now takes a look at the teams with no chance of winning the conference.

Washington State

Losing: Klay Thompson, DeAngelo Casto

Gaining: D.J. Shelton, Greg Sequele, Davonte Lacy

Granted the Cougars will return Faisal Aden and Reggie Moore and both players will have the opportunity to be high volume scorers, but there is not a lot around them. Losing the heart and soul of the team in Thompson and Casto is huge.

Many in Pullman were hoping that both Thompson and Casto would return for another year as Thompson especially has become one of the premier players in the conference. Can Aden and Moore do enough to make a strong push for Washington State? It will be difficult.


Losing: Alex Stepheson, Nikola Vucevic, Marcus Simmons, Donte Smith

Gaining: Greg Allen, James Blasczyk, Alexis Moore, DeWayne Dedmon, Byron Wesley, Aaron Fuller

Head coach Kevin O'Neill is going to have his hands full after losing his best player Vucevic and the outside shooting of Smith. They are going to have to rely on Maurice Jones and Jio Fontan, who will have to step up in order for the Trojans to have a successful season.

Arizona State

Losing: Ty Abbott, Rihards Kuksiks, Jamelle McMillan, Brandon Dunson

Gaining: Jahii Carson, Chris Colvin Questions will remain in Tempe, but will be answered either positively or negatively by incoming freshman point guard Carson. The Phoenix native will have a lot of pressure on him as he will need to have a huge freshman year in order for ASU to be successful.

Surrounding him will be Trent Lockett, who has the talent to be the leading scorer on the court any given night. The question will be whether or not he has what it takes to do it each and every night. Carson will need some help and it seems that the only bit of help he has at this point is Lockett, unless Kyle Cain or Keala King can step up.


Losing: Jay Watkins, Will Clyburn

Gaining: George Matthews, Kareem Storey, Javon Dawson, Cedric Martin, Dijon Farr

Along with Colorado, the Pac-12 welcomes Utah to the conference. It is hard to predict its season, but it seems that it will not have enough to make any noise in the conference.

It was thought that it would at least have Clyburn back but he decided to transfer after a coaching change. 2011 is definitely going to be a transition year.

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