EYBL Evaluations: Part A

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the first day of the EYBL Session #3 and here is the first part of our evaluations.

TORRANCE, Calif - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the first day of the EYBL Session #3 and here is the first part of our breakdown of Arizona prospects.

Dajuan Coleman- Coleman struggled in the first game, shooting 2-10 from the field. However, he finished with 13 rebounds and faced immense pressure from the opposition. Normally, Coleman plays with the top shooting guard in the country in Ricardo Ledo, which makes things easier for him.

In the second game, Coleman went up against Ricardo Gathers and played one of the best games that we have seen him in yet.

On one play, he split a double team with a cross over and then proceeded to go up with two hands and dunk it. It was a move that most guards could not do, let alone a 6-foot-8, 280-pound center.

When Coleman plays hard, there is little that the opponent can do. The problem is that we saw him play much harder in the second game than the first. Still, he has soft hands around the basket and is the definition of a low post scorer with a ton of potential.

Anthony Bennett- Bennett was spectacular on Saturday, giving us one of the biggest surprises so far. It was obvious that Bennett wanted to show off his perimeter skills on Saturday, as he hit a step back three off the dribble and finished 5-5 from the field, with three of them coming from behind the arc.

Bennett lacks lateral speed, but he can get up and down the court quickly. He is extremely explosive and does not need a lot of room to get above the rim.

It is a bit frustrating watching him play, because we felt he could have gone into the paint more and dominated. However, he chose to stick on the perimeter and did just fine there.

If Bennett plays like this for the rest of the summer, we would be surprised if he did not shoot up the rankings.

Katin Reinhardt- Reinhardt is an interesting prospect because he shows flashes and follows it up with periods of silence.

He is definitely a shooting guard and although he has decent handles, it does not allow him to maximize his ability, so you don't really want him to be doing it as much.

Reinhardt can definitely create off the dribble and has solid court vision. In terms of potential, it is there. However, he disappears at times and needs to learn how to be more consistent throughout the game, especially when playing through frustration.

Reinhardt is a player we want to see more of and will definitely do so on Sunday.

Gabe York- Much like Reinhardt, York is frustratingly inconsistent offensively. The first half of his game against West Coast Elite was a series of tough, forced shots that resulted in a very unimpressive one point at halftime on 0-5 shooting. He put himself in tight situations and tried to shoot his way out of them, which put Compton Magic in a huge hole at halftime.

As expected however, York responded with a big second half, as he put in 19 points on 7 of 13 shooting, and ended the game by hitting 5 of his last 6 shot attempts, including a pair of impressive finishes at the rim. He put the Magic on his back and responded in a big way with 11 points in the final four minutes to win his team the game.

There's no denying that the ability for York to fill it up offensively is there, he just has to be better with his shot selection. He got to the rim with relative ease and was an electric finisher, he just needs to get there more often. It will be interesting to see if York can reach a consistent level with defense, which would make him a much more effective player.

Ricardo Gathers- Gathers was matched up against Albany City Rock and Dejuan Coleman in his second game, and the matchup certainly did not disappoint. Gathers had major problems stopping Coleman in the paint, and was equally ineffective trying to post up Coleman on the offensive end and for the first half Coleman dominated the matchup.

In the second half however, it was a completely different story for Gathers. He stopped trying to post up Coleman and instead started to attack him off the dribble, which led to easy basket after easy basket for him. Defensively, he was more active fronting Coleman and definitely had the better second half of the two players.

Gathers is an ultra-athletic post player whose strength is likely unmatched by anyone on the circuit. When he plays within himself and attacks the basket, there will be few players that will be able to stop him from reaching the rim and getting buckets.

Anrio Adams- Adams is very similar to the player that we saw two years ago. That may sound like a bad thing at first, but there are certainly improvements.

Adams was hitting his shots, which is important for the type of player he is. Adams is a solid shooter, but his game tends to suffer a bit when he is not hitting.

In addition, Adams is deceptively smart in the sense that he is able to find holes in the lane and exploit the defense to either get to the basket or find the open man.

Adams is crafty with the ball and solid at numerous aspects of the game. However, we would like to see him reach a point where he is excellent in at least one.

Isaac Hamilton- The more we watch Hamilton, the more we wonder if he is truly a shooting guard. Make no mistake about it, he is not Jordan Hamilton. He simply does not have that mentality and that really is not a knock on him.

Hamilton is at his best when he is creating for his teammates, which he was able to do on Saturday. He deserves credit for successfully doing so on his first day of action with the Oakland Soldiers and will likely improve once he sees more time with the squad.

Hamilton is intriguing because he is already above average at setting up his teammates, yet still has plenty of room to grow.

*Blake Keathley contributed to this report.

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