EYBL Evaluations: Part B

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for EYBL Session #3 and had an opportunity to watch the Oakland Soldiers.

TORRANCE, Calif - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance at the EYBL Session #3 and we had an opportunity to see the Oakland Soldiers. Here is a breakdown on a majority of the squad.

Brandon Ashley- In probably one of his best showings on the AAU circuit, Ashley absolutely dominated in the final game on Saturday night. What was impressive was that Ashley was able to score both inside and out and also was a major factor on the defensive end.

He got it going inside early and with his back to the basket was very effective. Ashley then stepped back and hit a few jumpers which is an area that he is improving at.

The 6-foot-8, 190-pound forward was aggressive the entire game and when he is this aggressive, it is easy to see how good he can be on both ends of the court.

Aaron Gordon- On the break, there may not be a better forward in his class with the ball in his hands. He seems to always make good decisions and good things happen for him or his team.

Often on Saturday, Gordon grabbed a rebound and started the break and eluded defenders on his way to a dunk or a layup. He moves great without the ball and did a good job of scoring at times with his back to the basket.

Rebounding and blocking shots are a positive area of Gordon's game and that is a main way he was able to start breaks. Outside shooting remains a question mark for Gordon and if he can improve in that area, he will be an absolute great player.

Jabari Bird- It was a tale of two games for Bird on Saturday as he started off the day exceptionally well. He hit all five of his attempts from the floor including mid range jumpers and dunks inside.

Bird has a great feel for the game with a good jump shot and is an exceptional athlete. When his game is turned on, he could absolutely take over a game very quickly.

It was the night cap that left you scratching your head with Bird, as nothing was coming easy for him. He was turning the ball over, missing shots he normally makes and then seemed to take his misfortunes hard on himself.

Instead of playing harder you could tell he was getting frustrated with his play. Sunday will introduce a new opportunity for the young guard to come back strong.

Tyrell Robinson- It was a strong showing for Robinson who did a little bit of everything for the Soldiers. He hit open shots while also finding open teammates as well.

The Soldiers did a great job on the break on Saturday and Robinson was running the lanes and scoring almost at will. Tyrell seems to be more comfortable with the ball in his hands making plays.

With all of the talent on the Soldiers he is still doing a good job of knowing his place in the offense.

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