EYBL Evaluations: Part A

WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the second day of the EYBL Session #3 and here is a look at the Oakland Soldiers.

TORRANCE, Calif - WildcatAuthority.com was in attendance for the second day of the EYBL Session #3 and here is a look at the Oakland Soldiers.

2012 Brandon Ashley

Ashley was poised to match up against Ricardo Gathers in the Soldiers' game against Louisiana Select, but an undisclosed issue took him out of the game early in the first half and kept him on the bench in a game that was never very close.

However, in the second game of the day, Ashley drew Dajuan Coleman in the game versus Albany City Rock and he did not disappoint. For the second consecutive night, Ashley was creative in getting to the rim and was very effective in attacking the basket against Coleman.

Equally impressive was his defense on Coleman, as he limited him to only a few dunks and prevented him from touching the ball for the majority of City Rocks' possessions despite Coleman's significant weight advantage in the post.


Aaron Gordon

Gordon continued an impressive run in the EYBL tournament with another two solid outings today. No one from Louisiana Select was able to keep him out of the lane and he was very crafty in creating high percentage shots for himself. He was a monster on the offensive glass, and opened the game with a pair of monster put backs that set the tone for the Soldiers' route.

Against City Rocks, Gordon was also able to guard Coleman effectively when he had to by employing following Ashley's lead and actively preventing the big man from gaining position in the post.

Another element to Gordon's game is his ability to handle the ball offensively. Time and time again he displayed impressive handles which allowed him to get by defenders for easy shots.

Isaac Hamilton

In front of older brother Jordan Hamilton in the morning session, the younger Hamilton had a very impressive game. He hit on all four of his three-point attempts and was creating shots well for his teammates when he wasn't shooting. Isaac was able to get a couple of layups by effectively playing the passing lane and being disruptive defensively. He had a very complete game and was one of the better players on the floor for the game.

After hitting his first two attempts against City Rocks, it appeared Hamilton was poised to pick up right where he left off offensively against Louisiana Select. At that point, he began taking tougher shots and thus cooled off a bit, but overall it was a good day for Hamilton.

Tyree Robinson

Tyree is not quite as advanced offensively as his brother, but he did have an impressive showing against City Rocks defensively against the number one ranked shooting guard in the class of 2012. The Soldiers placed him on Ricardo Ledo, and he immediately impacted the game by preventing him from getting easy shots

Tyrell Robinson

Tyrell had an impressive game offensively against Louisiana Select, as he hit six of his seven field goal attempts on his way to 13 points. He was effective in transition and made himself available to knock down shot after shot.

In the second game of the night, Tyrell continued to knock down threes and was an effective player on the glass.

This was the best game of the weekend for Tyrell, as he displayed a wide range of offensive skills. We would be interested to see him in a situation where he needs to be more aggressive offensively, as he indicated on Sunday he would be able to handle it.

Jabari Bird

Bird was off his game on Saturday, as he struggled to get any of his shots to go down. The effort was there for Bird, as he worked hard on the glass and on the defense, but he could not get it going offensively.

There's no denying that the potential is there for Bird, but with that said, he has struggled all weekend. It is encouraging to see the effort that he puts in the effort on both ends of the floor despite his struggles as he was Saturday.

We'll see if he can bounce back Sunday in a big game against Spiece.


Stanley Johnson

In the morning session, Johnson had a good game offensively, although that will not be indicated by the stat line. He was great in transition finding open teammates, and was equally good attacking the rim, he just could not get his shot to fall once he made it into the lane. There's no questioning Johnson's hustle however, as he continued to defend and rebound well despite not having a good game in the scoring column.

The second game was no different, as Johnson had trouble putting the ball through the hoop. While he's struggling now, as he continues to develop, the offensive inconsistencies in his game should work themselves out. He already is a solid player in every other facet of the game, but when his scoring comes along, he will be very tough to stop.

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