EYBL Day Three: Evaluations

Monday was the final day of the EYBL Session #3 and WildcatAuthority.com had one final look at the Arizona prospects involved.

TORRANCE, Calif. - There usually not a lot of fun in evaluating prospects on the last day of a tournament due in large part to the fact that players are usually tired.

However, on the flip side, that also makes solid performances even more impressive than they normally would be.


Anthony Bennett: This was probably the weakest game of the tournament that we saw Bennett play, as he was not very involved.

He finished 3-10 from the field with three of those attempts coming from behind the arc. We would like to see Bennett go inside more, but that does not mean that he is not effective on the perimeter. However, when his shot is not falling, it makes sense for him to go inside. Instead, he did not do that on Monday and he continued to struggle with his shot.

Dajuan Coleman: Being a big man in AAU ball is difficult enough in terms of getting the ball. Being a big man in an AAU game for a team that is down big is almost impossible.

Coleman found himself in that situation on Monday and still wanted to get his shots up, finishing 1-7 from the field.

Even though he struggled offensively, Coleman still went 9-12 from the free throw line and had 10 rebounds.

Simply put, Coleman is a man among boys. When he is motivated and his teammates choose to get him involved early, there are not many better players in the country.

Coleman may have struggled offensively, but he still found ways to impact the game and put a positive touch on it.

Brandon Ashley: Ashley finished with 19 and 11 on Monday, but struggled with the pressure defense of Spiece, turning the ball over seven times.

Still, Ashley continues to impress us and his potential is off the charts. He started slowly, but continues to remain active on the glass and even when he was not getting rebounds, he was making it difficult for the opposition to do the same.

When he finally got going, Ashley was hitting mid-range jumpers, scoring off rebounds, and just being an effective offensive player.

It is no coincidence that the Soldiers were down one at half and then wound up winning by eight once Ashley got his game going.


Anrio Adams: Adams is going to be the same player nearly every time you see him. He finished with nine points on Monday and struggled a bit with his shot.

Adams is crafty with the ball in his hands, but the biggest worry with him is that he is not spectacular at anything.

He is a solid player, but with the news that he is reclassifying to 2013, it will be interesting to see how Arizona treats his recruitment, because his stock definitely takes a little hit with the move.

Isaac Hamilton: Hamilton was definitely a bit more aggressive on Monday and while he only shot 2-8 from the field, it was still nice to see him have a scoring mentality.

Hamilton was aggressive throughout, but only turned the ball over once and was a problem for Spiece because it had to account for him at all times.

He definitely needs to get stronger and likely will with time, but Hamilton's position is strong because he is able to score in numerous ways and play the point as well.

Tyrell Robinson: Robinson is an extremely efficient player, shooting 3-5 from the field on Monday. He is a solid athlete and while his brother may be a bit more highly regarded, that certainly is not because Tyrell is lacking talent.

Tyree Robinson: Robinson is certainly a great athlete and can score the ball, as evidenced by his ten points in 15 minutes on Monday.

What may be the most impressive aspect of his game is the fact that he has no problem defending the best perimeter player on the opposition and tends to do a solid job with it.

Robinson has fantastic range and is consistent from behind the arc, making him a player that will likely be recruited at a very high level.

Aaron Gordon: Gordon knows what he excels at and does not drift away from it too much, thus making him a very effective player.

He finished with eight points and eight rebounds and is definitely one of the best players in his class. When Gordon gets going, he is nearly unstoppable around the basket, because there is a great chance he will be stronger than the forward that is guarding him.

When Gordon's mid-range jumper is falling, it makes him even more dangerous because you have to respect his shot and when the defender does, Gordon has the strength to go right past him.

Jabari Bird: Monday was probably Bird's best game, highlighted by a one-handed tip dunk that may have been the best of the weekend.

Bird finished with 11 points and six rebounds and for the first time all weekend, we could see why he has five-star status.

Bird is extremely athletic, can hit a jumper, and has no problem defending. In addition, he has the type of body where he can easily get stronger and put on weight, making him a top prospect in the country.

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