Tyrell Robinson looking at options

Arizona is recruiting Tyrell Robinson, as are numerous other schools. With that in mind, Robinson is trying to keep all of his options open.

The 2011 Oakland Soldiers team has a level of talent on its roster that could give some Division-I college teams difficulty, not to mention other AAU clubs.

One of the players that helps form this overly talented squad is 2013 guard Tyrell Robinson.

The brother and twin of Tyree Robinson, Tyrell has also gained the attention of many schools, most of which are in the west.

"Arizona, Oregon, Arizona State, San Diego State, Washington are the main schools I am hearing from," Robinson said. "But, there's a lot more and I don't want to leave anyone out."

In one of the games this weekend at the EYBL Los Angeles tournament, the Oakland Soldiers took on City Rocks. This is a club that has players such as Dajuan Coleman and Ricardo Ledo, among others.

With such a talented group around him, Robinson explained that he took less of an offensive approach during this game and instead focused on the other end of the floor.

"Ricardo Ledo is a good player," Robinson said. "My coach told me that we needed defense and somebody to contain him, and that was my job."

The soon-to-be junior has heard a lot from Arizona, both in terms of current coaches and former players.

"I got a cousin that goes to Arizona too, Jamelle Horne," he said. "So, he's just telling me that it's a great program and we should get on board."

While it is unclear if being related to a former player, and living nearby in Southern California, will help Arizona land the talented guard, Robinson shared some things that will make a difference in the end.

"I'm looking for a team that likes to win," he said. "They got to have good education and a great atmosphere."

As with most early recruitments, it will be a battle for Arizona to secure Robinson anytime soon. However, it remains in a good position, as it was one of the first schools to take notice of the Robinson twins.

When asked what his future school can expect when he plays his first college game in 2013, Tyrell Robinson gave a big smile.

"They are going to get a hard worker, a person that plays defense," he said. "I'm a flashy person. I'm just a person that will surprise you. You won't know what to expect."

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