Pangos Evaluations: Part A was in attendance for the first night of the Pangos All-American camp and here is the first part of our evaluations, including Grant Jerrett, Robert Upshaw, and more.

CARSON, Calif - Friday night kicked off the Pangos All-American Camp and there were plenty of Arizona prospects in attendance. Here is a look at how some familiar names played:


Shabazz Muhammad: While Andre Drummond is a fantastic player and a solid argument can be made that he deserves the top spot, it is hard to imagine any player being that much better than Muhammad.

In an atmosphere like Pangos, players have plenty of freedom and thus Muhammad did not show off his mid-range game much.

What he did do, however, is have his own personal dunk contest, including a few that embarrassed the opposition.

Muhammad got to the line, had plenty of dunks, and hit a few baseline jumpers with a hand in his face. There really is not much he can do and that likely won't change when he lands at a program and changes it dramatically for the better.

Grant Jerrett: The first aspect of Jerrett's game that sticks out is that there are not many players in the country, if any, that are more fundamentally sound.

Jerrett just seems to do the right thing at the right time and never panics in situations where other players would.

Pangos is not the right style of player for him, because he is more of a half court type of player. However, when it did settle into half court, Jerrett was able to hit a few mid-range jumpers that hit nothing but the net.

When that jumper is falling, Jerrett is going to be very difficult to guard because teams are going to have to respect it, also allowing him to succeed on the block.

Robert Upshaw: It's unreal how much Upshaw has improved in a year, as he is really a completely different player.

Upshaw is a force down low and showed a strong ability to run the court and be effective in transition as well.

In addition, Upshaw stepped out and hit a three. The difficulty this brings to the opposition is major, considering that Upshaw can do a lot of things on the court.

It will be interesting to see Upshaw go up against some of the best centers in the country, because he deserves to be right there with them.


Ikenna Iroegbu: Iroegbu was one of the more disappointing players in action on Friday because he did not do what normally makes him a solid player.

Iroegbu is normally a pass-first point guard, but chose to shoot first instead. It did not make much sense, because that is not his strength and it was easy to tell.

After the game, Iroegbu admitted that he did not play well and was disappointed. There were definitely some flashes of his ability to get into the lane, but we want to see him more this weekend.

Dakarai Allen: Allen may not be there quite yet, but he has all the tools to eventually be an elite player.

Allen showed ability to hit from mid-range and also showed nice range as well. Allen is a solid ball-handler and is the body type that will allow him to grow, while not taking away from his skills as well.

At this point, Allen is still a player that is emerging. However, we would definitely keep an eye on him as he is a potential major recruit down the road.

Rashad Muhammad: Rashad may never be Shabazz, but he definitely deserves credit for being a solid player.

This is not the case of a player getting attention because of his sibling, as Rashad definitely has some skill of his own.

He was one of the few players that was defending on Friday and also handled the point well. Rashad may not be a huge scorer right now, but he is an effective one.

He has made big strides in his game since last year and we would not be surprised to see his attention increase this summer.

Eric Cooper Jr.: It was a rough night for Cooper, as he was asked to guard Shabazz for a bit. It ended up with Cooper getting dunked on, which seemed to take him out of his game.

In reality, Cooper was on a court with extremely elite players and was involved in easily the most talented game of the night.

As of now, he certainly is not on level with those players. That is not to say that he may not improve eventually, but he has some work to do both physically and with his game before he can compete with guys like Muhammad.

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