Pangos Evaluations Day Two: Part A was in attendance for the second day of the Pangos All-American camp and here are evaluations of Aaron Gordon, Jabari Bird, and more.

CARSON, Calif. – was in attendance for the second day of the Pangos All-American camp and here are a handful of evaluations of Arizona prospects.


Gabe York: There was not much defense being played in York's game, but we were very impressed with what we saw.

York had highlights in numerous different ways and in a game that fits his style, did not push the action too much.

On one exchange, York grabbed a rebound and went coast to coast with no hesitation, showing speed that we frankly did not know he had.

In addition, York showed his athletic ability by blocking a dunk at the rim and then getting down court to attempt a shot.

When York is on, he is extremely effective. While consistency may be a slight issue at this point, there is no denying that he was impressive Saturday.


Jabari Bird: Bird was impressive on Saturday, showing an ability to score in numerous ways. He struggled last weekend at EYBL, but this pace seems to be more fitting for his style of play and he definitely impressed.

On one play, Bird was being double-teamed in the post and calmly made one step to his left and faded away, hitting a jumper in stride.

If there is one thing that Bird excels at, it is scoring. The team that adds him is going to get a player that expands the offense and makes it dangerous for an opponent.

Aaron Gordon: When Gordon gets a rebound, there is a solid chance that he is going to go right at the opposite basket if the defense is not paying attention.

That makes him a complete defensive nightmare for the opponent, because he is too fast for a lot of forwards and strong down low as well.

Gordon is extremely effective around the basket and is able to find holes in the defense. He has not shown a lot of range, but he simply does not need to.

As Gordon keeps improving, he is going to solidify himself as one of the best players in the country. There is nothing that we saw on Saturday that would change that opinion.

Eric Cooper: Cooper played much better on Saturday, although he was not able to score. Like we have mentioned before, Cooper is never going to be a huge scorer.

However, on Saturday, he played solid defense and ran the offense well. If Cooper can take care of the ball and defend, he will be just fine.

Cooper was able to limit his mistakes and play within the game, which is a big step from Friday.


Stephen Zimmerman: Zimmerman is in eighth grade, so it is difficult to do a major evaluation on him because he will likely change dramatically.

What we will say, however, is that he already has a good frame and will likely put on weight. He was more than able to hold his own against very legitimate competition as well.

Zimmerman was solid around the basket and it will be interesting to watch him develop in the next few years.

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