Pangos Evaluations Day Two: Part B was in attendance for the second day of the Pangos All-American camp and here are evaluations for Robert Upshaw, Stanley Johnson, and more.

CARSON, Calif. - was in attendance for the second day of the Pangos All-American camp and here is a breakdown of a handful of Arizona prospects.


Robert Upshaw: It was a rough Saturday session for Upshaw, as he was not as effective as he was the night before.

He was the biggest player on the floor in both games today, and the opposing teams countered that by double-teaming him almost every time he touched the ball. This caused Upshaw to get frustrated and rush forced shots from the low post. The 2012 7-footer needs to work on passing under pressure and not forcing shots. He has good post moves when he catches the ball on the block, yet he still wants to step out and be a perimeter player from time to time.

Upshaw should stay in the interior where he is a matchup nightmare for other teams and he should see greater success.

For a big man he has good footwork and good hands, both of which should help him further improve as an elite player during his senior season.


Ikenna Iroegbu: Ikenna had a much better showing today compared to his performance on Friday.

He reverted to his pass-first mentality and really tried to get his teammates involved. He had some very nice passes that resulted in easy points for his team.

One of Iroegbu's best assets is his quickness and poise in transition. He gets the ball on an outlet and sprints towards the offensive end of the floor. He keeps his head on a swivel looking for the open man, but is not afraid to take the ball to the rim himself.

Some areas he needs to improve are using his left hand and finishing with contact in the lane.

For being a 2013 prospect, Iroegbu already has many of the tools that coaches will look for in a point guard of a major conference.

Dakari Allen: After our second time seeing Allen, we continue to feel that he has the ability to become a very legitimate prospect in the class of 2013.

Allen showed soft touch around the rim and was not afraid to put up a shot in traffic. He let the game come to him and did not force unnecessary shots when a better option was available.

He has a long, athletic frame and gives opponents fits with his on-ball pressure. Allen takes pride in his defense and it shows when he is out on the court.

One area he needs to improve is his ball handling ability with taking his man off the dribble. However, as he gets stronger and feels more comfortable playing against elite competition, Allen should continue to improve in all aspects of his game.


Stanley Johnson: If you weren't looking at a roster, it would be near impossible to know that Stanley Johnson was in the 2014 class.

He arrived in attack mode and showed his ability to get to the rim at ease against the opposition on Saturday. Once he gets into the lane, Johnson has good body control to go along with superior strength.

He also showed the ability to create a shot for himself at any given time, which put a lot of pressure on his defender.

Johnson still shows a tendency to force the issue at times, and needs to work on absorbing contact at the rim, but he has great size to go with his physical playing style.

If he can let the game come to him and not rely so much on his outside shot, he has all the tools necessary to be an elite guard in the 2014 class.

Shaqquan Aaron: After switching teams for Day 2 of the Pangos Camp, Shaqquan Aaron seemed to fit in nicely with his new teammates.

He is a very unselfish player, which we would expect at this stage since he is so young and is playing with older players. One positive aspect of his game is his decision making, as he does not take many bad shots.

With his length he is able to grab loose rebounds and finish at the rim with tip-in baskets.

We look forward to watching Aaron in the coming games and tournaments to see if he can elevate his game to the next level.

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