Pangos Evaluations Day Two: Part C was in attendance for the second day of the Pangos All-American camp and here are evaluations of Shabazz Muhammad, Stephen Domingo, and more.

CARSON, Calif.- The second day of the Pangos All-American camp saw some quality play and there were many Arizona prospects who played well. Here are some evaluations of how several of the prospects played.


Shabazz Muhammad: It might be hard to argue that Muhammad is not the best player in the entire Pangos field. His presence on the court has been unmatched, as he is playing at an elite level on both sides of the ball. Often times on Saturday, Muhammad was dunking the ball with a lot of anger and had the highlight of the day with a vicious dunk.

There was a change in his game from Friday to Saturday, as he was able to shoot the ball and did so with great efficiency. His shot is one of the best parts of his game and whether he was open or not, Muhammad was able to knock many of them down.

Muhammad does not take a play off on either end of the court and this spring is so far showing that he is heads and shoulders above any other guard who is going up against him.

Anthony Bennett: The forward is no doubt having a great camp and Saturday he continued to make heads shake in the gym. While Friday was a lot of fast break highlight dunks, Bennett made it a point to shoot the ball and show his range.

His shot has taken off this spring and he was 3 of 4 from deep in the night session and has become a good spot up shooter. Bennett also rebounded the ball well, defending the opposing four and blocking a few shots.

Bennett has no doubt been one of the better players at Pangos.

Grant Jerrett: Jerrett is on a team with a lot of talented wings and in a camp where a fast paced game is the tone, a player like Jerrett may not see the ball on offense as much as he would probably like. Early in the day, Jerrett was able to hit a few midrange jump shots, which is a part of his game that will translate well at the next level.

For the most part, the Arizona commit played solid defense and rebounded well. He had at least five blocks on the day and his 7-foot-2 wingspan disrupted a lot of shots.

Occasionally, Jerrett was able to get a few passes in transition and had one monster finish with two hands.


Rashad Muhammad: From last summer to now, you can see that Shabazz's younger brother Rashad has really seen his game progress. He is more confident with the ball in his hands and is very aggressive.

Muhammad is playing with some familiar teammates and is comfortable on the court, but you can really tell that he loves to get out and run. He has a long wingspan and is good at getting tip-in rebounds and getting deflections on defense.

His brother is a great guard, but Rashad is starting to come into his own.

Stephen Domingo: Domingo played well again on Saturday, but his shot was not falling quite like it was on Friday night. He still made due with other parts of his game, which he is going to continue to have to show.

The 6-foot-7 small forward did well with passing the ball in transition and is getting better at rebounding. Domingo is known for his shooting and we will have to see if he gets back to shooting the ball well on Sunday in the last session of the camp.

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