Pangos Evaluations Day Three: Part A was in attendance for the final day of the Pangos All-American camp. Click inside for evaluations of Grant Jerrett, Shabazz Muhammad, and more.

CARSON, Calif. - was in attendance for the final day of the Pangos All-American camp and there was plenty of highlights.


Shabazz Muhammad: It is difficult to make an argument for anybody else being the top player in the country.

Muhammad finished the Top 25 game with 23 points and probably could have had much more.

Even though he is a guard, Muhammad dunks it with such violence that it has no other choice but to go in.

When he is not dunking it, which was not very often this weekend, Muhammad is working his mid-range game and has the ability to stop on a dime and hit a jumper with a defender in his face.

Anthony Bennett: Another day, another impressive performance for Bennett. At this point, there may not be 20 better players in the country.

Bennett hit two three pointers in the all star game and only missed one shot total on his way to scoring 16 points.

What makes him even more of a prospect is the fact that he already has great size, but is extremely quick. Grant Jerrett: For the first time all weekend, we saw Jerrett get the ball on a somewhat consistent basis and it is no surprise that he was successful with it.

On one play, he drove on Upshaw, got stopped, brought it back out, and proceeded to make a nice drop step and hook for the basket.

You will be hard pressed to find a player in the country that can match Jerrett's fundamentals and that is the main reason why his potential is off the charts.

Figuring Jerrett keeps improving, his ceiling is extremely high because he already has a great feel for what to do on the court.


Stephen Domingo: To say Domingo shocked everybody with his offense on Sunday would likely be an understatement.

Watching Domingo was almost like watching sa video game, as he seemed to make it nearly every time he shot it.

Domingo finished on 11 of 18 shooting for 30 points and did not play close to the entire game.

We already knew he was a great shooter, but as his game expands, Domingo is the type of player that is going to have more than his fair share of offers before it is all done.

Rashad Muhammad: Muhammad did not do a ton on Sunday, but it is difficult to hold it against him.

He still runs a solid point and brings nice energy as well.

We have said it before and we will say it again, Rashad is not getting offers just because of Shabazz.

he deserves credit for being a solid player and has improved a ton from last year.

Ikenna Iroegbu: There may not have been a more frustrating player this weekend, as Iroegbu went away from what has made him successful in the past.

Iroegbu is a player that has the potential to score, but is more of a play maker and distributor.

For some reason, he chose to go the opposite route this weekend and tried to be too much of a scorer.

We know Iroegbu is good and he has definitely showed potential with his ability to get into the lane. However, in order to succeed, he is going to have to realize what he excels at and stick to it.

Dakari Allen: Allen is the type of player that may not be excellent in any facet of his game right now, but he also is not far off from being so.

His potential is pretty high, especially because he is athletic and seems to have solid court awareness.

Allen is definitely going to get attention this summer and we are excited to see how he progresses because he has the potential to be an elite type of player.


Stanley Johnson: The more we watch Johnson, the more we wonder why he is currently playing on the Oakland Soldiers 17's team.

That is absolutely not a knock on him, but rather a statement made because we want like to see him with more freedom to score.

Johnson was a much more versatile player this weekend and on Sunday we saw him get a dunk, lay-in, three, and mid-range jumper.

His strength is already right up there with anybody in his class and his development will be certainly one to watch.

Shaqquan Aaron: Mater Dei is definitely going to be alright for the near future, because Aaron was impressive this weekend.

On one play on Sunday, Aaron ran the break, drew his defender in, and made an absolutely perfect pass to complete the break.

In addition, he showed nice range and an ability to stop quickly and hit a jumper.

Aaron's upside is extremely high, because hs is going to get stronger and likely improve in other facets as well.

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