Pangos Evaluations Day Three: Part B was in attendance for the final day of the Pangos All-American camp and here are evaluations for Eric Cooper, Gabe York, and more.

CARSON, Calif.- Sunday was the final day of the Pangos All-American Camp and it featured some final pickup games and also the Top-50 and Top-25 All-star games. Many Arizona prospects played well throughout the weekend and continued so on Sunday.

Here are some evaluations from the final day of Pangos from


Robert Upshaw: There were parts of his game that he continued to roll out over the course of the weekend. Upshaw has been shooting jump-shots from about 18-feet and out but that is still not necessarily a strong part of his game quite yet.

However, he did show some touch on Sunday as he was able to face up and hit some mid-range jump shots over defenders. Upshaw's long arms allow him to shoot high shots and if he can prove that he can knock those shots down consistently, then it will just add an aspect to his already very good arsenal.

Upshaw is a very good prospect, especially for having to sit out the last school year due to a transfer, and this weekend proved just that.

Gabe York: York started off the day in the usual up and down style of basketball that the tournament has become accustomed too. York may have to eventually transition to being a point guard and as of now he sometimes struggles with decision making on the break.

There were times where York made some flashy passes, but he soon was able to get comfortable in the type of game he is used to playing. He gets out on the wing, sizes up the defense and can let it fly from almost anywhere on the court.

York hit two straight three-pointers at one point and made a few others en route to a solid game. The shooting guard did not play in any of the All-star games.


Aaron Gordon: It was much of the same for the forward from San Jose, who is great at injecting a great amount of energy into every game that he plays. He attacks each play with great determination and Sunday was no different.

Gordon is great at starting the break and it starts with his ability to rebound and block shots. At one point, an opposing player went up for a thunderous dunk, but was met at the rim by Gordon who took the ball, ran the court, and passed it for an easy dunk.

With the game play so fast, it fits Gordon's style well and he can attack the rim on each play. He wants to work on his jump shot, but that progression will have to wait.

Jabari Bird: The shooting guard had a solid weekend after starting off somewhat slow on Friday night. He elevated his game over the next two days and he also earned a spot in the Top-25 All-Star game.

While Bird is a talented guard out of the class of 2013, he was able to go up against some very good guards and wings in the class of 2012. At points he guarded Shabazz Muhammad in the all-star game and much like everyone else, is was tough to keep up with the best wing in the class.

Going up against that type of competition will be good for Bird, as you can see that he can really take his game to the next level. On Sunday he scored a lot in the paint as his energy again makes him hard to keep track of during the game.

His shot was not falling once again but Bird is in great position to really be an elite player.

Eric Cooper: Cooper decided to be a little more aggressive on Sunday with scoring and it paid off. Instead of forcing the issue with passing, Cooper was able to use the pick in roll to get open looks from deep.

No one had been playing him to defend his shot, so the three-pointer was open all game. He knocked down two in a row in his Sunday morning matchup and then was invited to the Top 50 game and hit a three in that game as well.

Cooper showed a nice shot from three-point land on Sunday, which is a nice part of his game.

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