Sudfeld sees Arizona as great fit

After visiting campus and attending Elite Camp in Tucson this weekend, 2012 Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian quarterback Nathan Sudfeld committed to the Wildcats.

Arizona has always been a favorite to Modesto (Calif.) Christian quarterback Nathan Sudfeld, but after visiting Tucson this past weekend, the prospect knew he had found his home.

"I told them that they were my number one and that I liked them a lot, but how can you marry someone you've never seen?" Sufeld asks. "So, I said I'd like to see the campus. I came down to the campus and immediately fell in love with it.

"I loved the coaches and felt a great family atmosphere, I just felt very comfortable here. It's a great opportunity, a great program, great coaches, and great players about to do some special things."

When Sudfeld arrived on campus, he immediately began to feel comfortable with the coaching staff.

"I got to work with Coach Scelfo and met and talked to Coach Stoops, Coach Litrell, and all the coaches and I just felt very comfortable, really excited," he said. "I loved working with Coach Scelfo, they're all really classy guys and seemed to have my best interest in mind. Great fit, great feel, great family."

Sudfeld couldn't even wait until the end of camp to give his commitment to the Wildcats.

"I told Coach Scelfo, ‘coach, I'd still like to see some more of the campus tomorrow, but I've seen all that I need to know that this is where I want to be.' I don't remember his exact words, but he was excited. He said, ‘awesome, it's your spot, we're so excite'. The other coaches all told me congratulations after. I talked to Coach Stoops and he seemed excited about it, I'm really excited about it."

The quarterback who reports a 4.14 GPA had interest coming his way from schools such as Brown, Fresno State, Harvard, Nevada, Oregon State, Stanford, Tulsa, and UCLA, but he says he's found everything he was looking for in Tucson and is no longer interested in pursuing other options.

"I did not have any official offers, but I had a lot of people who wanted to see me in camp and see me in person before they pulled the trigger," Sudfeld reports. "The fact that Arizona offered me before seeing me in camp said a lot to me about how much they wanted me and how great of a fit it could be for me. And it was exactly that way.

"I was going to go to some other camps, but I just fell in love with Arizona, so I just committed there; it felt right. I don't have anything else to look for."

For Sudfeld, Arizona matches everything that he has always wanted in a school.

"I always had in mind that I wanted to go to a place with big time football, great academics, where I felt wanted and where I felt comfortable. I came down here and the football atmosphere is terrific; it's the professional sports team in the city of Tucson, everybody is a UA fan, it was very intriguing.

"Just being around all the coaches, I got welcomed right into the family and it felt really good to be a part of the Wildcat family. It's really a special place down here."

The 6-foot-5, 215 pound commit plans to enroll at the University of Arizona next January, as he will be an early high school graduate. He believes that coming a semester early will give him the opportunity to begin working on his goals right away.

"I'll come in and compete, work hard, and get in a routine early," Sudfeld said. "I want to compete, get better in every aspect and work hard every day, just do my best every day."

As far as his game goes, Sudfeld knows where his strengths and weaknesses lie.

"I feel like I can recognize coverage pretty well," he says. "I can throw a fairly nice deep ball and I'm pretty intelligent on the field, I know the game of football pretty well and I'm accurate.

"Places to work on, is all the little things; sharpening every aspect, because I have work to do in every single aspect of my game. And getting in the weight room more and more, building the body to protect myself and continue to be healthy."

Current Arizona quarterback Nick Foles is one of the college football players who Sudfeld looks up to. Foles recently became a new mentor to the new Wildcat commit, offering up advice to a fellow quarterback.

"I talked to Nick for a while," Sudfeld shares. "He's a really cool guy, really classy guy, and a special player too.

"He just said to come down here, the first year will be tough just being homesick and being away from family, with a new atmosphere and new environment, but he just said grind through the first semester, the first year, and then it'll start becoming really a lot of fun. Just be working hard every day, never settle, and keep the head on straight."

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