Evaluating the Roster: Point Guard

With Josiah Turner coming in and Jordin Mayes coming off a solid season, has Arizona found stability at point guard?

The most popular position over the course of the past 30 years at Arizona is, without question, point guard. Numerous names can be thrown out when referring to great players that have played the position as members of the Wildcats and that tradition appears to be continuing under head coach Sean Miller.

Despite the transfer of 2010-11 starting point guard Momo Jones, UA looks to be in excellent shape at the position going forward.

The reason for such optimism is the anticipation surrounding the arrival of Miller's most heralded recruit to date, Josiah Turner. The 6-foot-3 guard is being looked upon by fans as the next great one in a long line of point guards that have led past UA teams to greatness.

Turner has a plethora of gifts that he should be able to utilize immediately once he arrives. He has an excellent first-step, elite quickness and superior athleticism at his dispense and he knows how to utilize each at the proper moments.

Turner is still refining his game in certain areas – mainly his jump-shot – but his advantages in other areas should make him one of the Wildcats' best players right off the bat. He is going to draw a lot of attention once the opposition figures out what he is capable of and that is going to open up the floor for his teammates.

Turner is a perfect fit at point guard for Arizona. Considering the team is going to have several experienced upper-classmen on the roster looking for more opportunities on offense, Turner could prove to be exactly what this team has been looking for.

Behind Turner will be sophomore Jordin Mayes. After a solid freshman campaign in which Mayes showed a ton of promise, many are expecting an even bigger impact in the 2011-12 season. Mayes was nothing more than a jump-shooting specialist for the majority of his freshman season, but as the campaign progressed, Mayes showed improvement in other key areas as well.

Mayes showed the willingness to drive to the basket more often as he became more acclimated with the college game. He also showed a higher level of comfort orchestrating the offense and setting up teammates as he gained experience in the system. Mayes is a natural shooter, but if the other areas of his game progress, the Wildcats will have a deadly one-two punch at point guard.

There are other players that have the ability to assume the point guard role in spot-duty if required. Kyle Fogg has played the position sparingly and has the ability to lock-up the opposing player at the point guard spot. Incoming freshman Nick Johnson has also been looked at in a potential point guard role, but will likely play the majority of his minutes at the shooting guard position, where he can use his natural gifts more often.

Arizona is looking for stability at point guard for the first time in many years. With a player with Turner's upside, Mayes' improvement and the other options on the roster, the Wildcats could prove to be as stable at the point guard position as they have been in a long time.

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