Lineman weighing options

Guthrie (Okla.) offensive lineman Blake Belcher is remaining patient as he adds offers. Has Arizona's offer made an impact? Will he visit? Read on for more.

Earlier this spring, Blake Belcher returned to the football field after breaking his fifth metatarsal during his junior season at Guthrie (Okla.) High School.

Despite the injury, Arizona, Stanford, Tulsa, Oregon State, and Iowa State liked what they had previously seen from the 6-foot-6, 270-pound offensive tackle and offered him scholarships. Even more schools wanted to evaluate Belcher during spring ball before offering him scholarships, and six more schools were pleased enough with his recovery to push him up to 11 official offers.

"I have 11 offers now, including Utah State, New Mexico, Tulsa, Ohio, and a couple more," Belcher said. "The latest offers I have is from Ohio, they offered me just before school got out. I haven't really gotten any offers this summer yet.

"I stay in contact with some other schools; but I'm not sure if they're going to offer me or not. Oklahoma State and Kansas said they want to wait to offer me until after my first game."

The 55th-ranked offensive tackle in the class of 2012, who feels stronger after fully recovering from his injury, has not yet begun to prioritize his list and does not yet claim a leader.

"I'm still wide open," Belcher said. "I won't being to narrow things down until the beginning of the season. I'm going to sit back and weigh my offers and what each school can offer."

In May, Belcher placed Arizona "right near the top" of his list, and it appears virtually nothing has changed in that regard.

"Arizona is right near the top of my list," Belcher said. "Cayman Bundage from Douglass High School has already committed there. I have talked to him a couple of times and we're pretty good friends. Coach (Seth) Littrell is recruiting me and he's a really cool guy. I'd like to visit it sometime; it seems like a pretty cool place.

"Their coaching staff seems pretty cool from what I've heard. They have beautiful weather out there and of course they're in the Pac-12, so the competition will be good."

Despite spending the majority of his time preparing for his senior year both on the field and in the classroom, that has not prevented Belcher from making several trips to check out his prospective schools. With his unofficial visits likely behind him, he's working now on planning his official trips for the fall.

"I've taken a lot of visits already," Belcher said. "I've been to several Big-12 schools and I've been to Tulsa. I might plan some official visits after September 1st or whenever we can take them. I'll try my best to make it out to Arizona, we'll just see how everything works out."

While on his visits, Belcher is keeping a close eye on the people and places that could one day be his future home.

"I look at how the players like the staff, even though you can't really talk to the players," Belcher. "I look at the weight room, that's a big key to me since I'll be spending a lot of time in there. Also, how the facilities are and everything; it's not that big of a priority, but you don't want to be living in a shack or anything."

Just a couple of months back, Belcher did not have a specific time table for his decision, but it appears he is starting to hone in on a period to make his choice.

"If I don't commit by the start of the season, it'll be after my season," Belcher said. "It all depends on who I like and where they stand. I'll probably commit after I talk all my official visits if I don't commit before the season."

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