Summer Storylines: First evaluation period

The first evaluation period of the summer is set to begin and there is plenty to keep an eye on. Here are a few story lines that Arizona fans should be interested in.

With the evaluation period ready to begin, the Arizona coaching staff has plenty to keep an eye on. In addition, Arizona fans do as well and here are a few things to look out for:

1. Gabe York's decision: Gabe York recently visited Arizona and came away extremely impressed, basically narrowing his list to Arizona and Marquette.

Although York is on record as saying he will take his time, it will be interesting to see what the summer attention brings.

Often times, a recruit does not want to deal with the extra attention and considering York has a pretty good idea of what his final two schools are, it would not be shocking to see him end his recruitment a little earlier than expected.

2. The 2013 class: There are numerous players that we already know Arizona is recruiting, such as Isaac Hamilton, Jabari Bird, Aaron Gordon, and many more.

However, there are sure to be players that Arizona is going to evaluate over the summer that are going to pop up and become household names for Arizona fans.

With only Eric Cooper for 2013, Arizona still has a solid idea of the number of players and positions that it would like to make up the class.

It will be interesting to see what new name pops up over the first evaluation period and how serious the recruitment becomes.

In addition, this could be a time that the current recruits start gets priority, as the coaching staff's viewing allows them to have a better idea of the recruits that stand out over others.

3. How will 2012 finish up?: Grant Jerrett is already locked up and it seems likely that Arizona is going to wind up with a combo guard.

The big question is what will happen from there. It is completely possible that Arizona wants to go with a three-man class that includes Brandon Ashley.

However, the evaluation period could make things interesting with the numbers that Arizona chooses to go with.

At this point, a class of Jerrett, York, and Ashley would likely be considered a major success. There is a possibility that another player becomes a legitimate option and, in similar fashion to the 2013 evaluating, it will be interesting to see if another member of the 2012 class makes a move towards the top of Arizona's wish list.

It may not be the most likely thing, but as past recruitments have taught us, it is definitely possible.

4. The rankings: It is always fun to see players over the summer because it allows us to take a closer look at the rankings.

There are always players that make major moves up and others that fall because they simply are not that impressive or have not been evaluated in a while.

Players like Mitch McGary, Brandon Ashley, and Kaleb Tarczewski will all likely make major arguments to move up, but Andre Drummond and Shabazz Muhammad likely have a hold on the top two spots.

That may or may not change over the summer, but it will sure be fun to watch unfold.

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