Adidas Summer Tip-Off: Part B was in attendance for the first day of the Adidas Summer Tip-Off. In the second part of our evaluations, we take a look at Jordan bell, 2015 prospect Aaron holiday, and more.

CARSON, Calif. - was in attendance for the first day of the Adidas Summer Tip Off and here is a look at a handful of Arizona prospects.


Jahmel Taylor: The 2013 Sierra Canyon point guard had two solid games Wednesday afternoon.

He displayed a nice ability to lead his team and dished out a number of no-look passes which resulted in easy baskets for his teammates.

While he was able to get to the basket on multiple occasions, he had a very difficult time finishing.

There were a number of times where he would have been better served by pulling up for an open 10-foot jumper, but he decided to attack the rim and his shots were usually blocked.

The worry with Taylor is that he may be a bit maxed out physically and it is something that is likely holding his recruitment back.

It will be interesting to see if he can overcome that and how it plays out throughout the summer.

Jordan Bell: Bell should be a familiar name to Arizona fans, but Wednesday was not one of his better days.

As we have said before, Bell needs to improve offensively and he had difficulty establishing position on the lower block and being comfortable when he did get the ball there.

It is worth noting he did a nice job of finishing in transition and showed off his tremendous athleticism on a few acrobatic dunks.

Defensively, Bell is a presence every time he steps on the court. He combines athleticism, length and tremendous timing.

The biggest concern with bell is his height, as he is only 6-foot-6. A couple inches could be the difference between being recruited by a lower level Pac-12 school and the elite ones.


Aaron Holiday: The younger brother of Jrue and Justin is an intriguing prospect in his own right.

He started the Wednesday early afternoon game on fire by making three quick three-pointers.

Holiday's shooting forced his defender to guard him closely, which was an impossible task for the defender, given Holiday's quickness. When Holiday penetrated he was equally adept at finishing with his left or right hand, which was particularly impressive given his age.

Defensively, he displayed very active hands, which combined with his long arms enabled him to steal or tip away numerous passes.

Holiday did struggle with his decision making. He showed a tendency to over dribble and numerous times jumped in the air with nowhere to pass.

It is important to remember that Holiday is just entering high school, but he does possess the skills and physical ability to be a high level recruit.

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