Double Pump Summer Tip-Off: Day Two

There were numerous impressive showings for Arizona prospects on Thursday. read on to see who stood out.

CARSON, Calif. - Arizona has numerous prospects at the Double Pump Summer Tip-Off and Thursday was an impressive day for most of them.


Brandon Randolph: Randolph had a solid performance Thursday afternoon. While it is difficult for him to stand out on a team with many talented prospects, he was able to leave his imprint on the game.

He used his quickness and ball handling ability to easily break the press and usually made the right decision once in the open court.

Randolph showed nice form on his jumper and even made a few long threes. He is the epitome of a point guard that focuses on running the team and putting his teammates in positions to be successful.

Isaac Hamilton: Hamilton impacted his Thursday afternoon game in a multitude of ways. He made a few rhythm threes and showed off his slashing ability by scoring on a few tightly contested drives.

On defense, he used his long arms to disrupt passing lanes and also intercepted a few wayward passes.

While Hamilton would be well served to tighten his dribble, he is an elite prospect with a remarkably well rounded game for a player his age.

Jordan Bell: Bell's game Thursday afternoon mirrored his Wednesday performance. He showed off his tremendous defensive skills by blocking or altering a number of shots.

When he focused and boxed out, he was also able to snatch a few impressive rebounds. Offensively, he was able to get out in transition for some thunderous dunks and had a few nice tip ins.

He even showed nice form when he connected on a smooth 15-foot jump shot.

However, he is still very raw offensively, and not nearly assertive enough with the ball.

Despite his need for improvement on offense, Bell still has considerable potential, and it will be interesting to see if he can continue to improve throughout the summer.


Parker Cartwright: Cartwright was very impressive Thursday afternoon. The 5-foot-7 point guard played with tremendous poise and used his quickness to constantly attack the defense.

He displayed a consistent jump shot and usually made the right decision with the ball.

Cartwright also got after his man on defense, which can be somewhat unusual in an AAU setting. While he obviously needs to keep growing, he shows the ability to be a potential high major recruit.


Aaron Holiday: Holiday was very impressive Thursday night.

Despite being the youngest player on the court, he was also the most talented. He was able to get into the lane at will, and either scored or passed the ball to a teammate for an open shot.

Holiday's shot was falling Thursday, and unlike the previous night, he didn't force an ill advised attempt if the open look wasn't there.

Defensively, Holiday was a menace as he had a couple nice steals and also contributed a few flashy blocks.

Simply put, Holiday has elite talent and will be a player all UA fans should keep an eye on.

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