Q&A with Etop Udo-Ema

Compton Magic coach Etop Udo-Ema has been coaching Gabe York for years. Read on for his thoughts on the player Arizona is getting, thought process that went into the decision, and more.

Arizona received a commitment from 2012 shooting guard Gabe York on Sunday, adding to a class that already has Grant Jerrett. Etop Udo-Ema has been there alongside York during the recruitment process and WildcatAuthority.com caught up with the Compton Magic coach to hear his thoughts on York giving his pledge to the Wildcats.

WildcatAuthority: Can you give a breakdown of the process near the end?

Udo-Ema: We visited Washington, Notre Dame, Marquette and Arizona. Just to get a feel for the campus and feel for the players. I think he liked all four a lot and the last visit being Arizona, I think at that point he was really feeling Marquette.

He thought that Marquette was going to be a good fit for him. When he went to Arizona, the kicker was that he really bonded with their players. He thought really highly of their players and felt that that is who he wanted to go play with. That alongside all of the history of the school.

WildcatAuthority: What did he tell you once the visit to Arizona was over?

Udo-Ema: He told me he was feeling it. When he left I could really tell that Arizona had taken the lead probably.

WildcatAuthority: Describe the player that Sean Miller and his staff are getting at Arizona?

Udo-Ema: The best way I could describe it is that we played a couple of games this weekend in Indianapolis and he had a 38 point game and followed that up with playing one of the best teams in the tournament in Indiana Elite. They have all of the kids going to Indiana like Haner Parea, Yogi Ferrell, and Jeremy Hollowell. They threw everything they could at him and they all guarded him but Gabe had about 48 points in 30 minutes. Might have been one of the best performances ever out there and it definitely was a tournament record for scoring.

[Arizona] is getting a kid that can flat out score the basketball. To me he has the best offensive skill package in the country. He can get to the rim, plays above the rim, can shoot it from anywhere, midrange. His offensive skill package is the best in the country.

WildcatAuthority: You have coached him for a while. How has his game grown over the years?

Udo-Ema: Size wise he hasn't grown. We are waiting for him to grow some more. His brother is actually 6-foot-7 and his mom is pretty tall. He's been pretty athletic since the eighth grade and getting more athletic. Every year he has gotten better. More explosive, better shooter, better player and he has just done everything better every year. He's been playing in the 17's since the eighth grade, so now the level is easy for him.

He has been doing some pretty dynamic things on the circuit. People haven't taken notice. Two years ago they won multiple championships and last year we won 30 in a row, five tournaments in a row and I think we only lost two games. They are also getting a winner. He even won the state championship with his high school.

WildcatAuthority: How do you see him fitting in at Arizona?

Udo-Ema: The good thing about Arizona is they have things in place already. They have Josiah Turner and Nick Johnson, then you get Gabe, Grant Jerrett, and by God willing they get Brandon Ashley- that can be a national championship caliber group with all the pieces. It's crazy. They have other pieces like Jordin Mayes, who has really come a long way and he is super solid. Kevin Parrom is tough. They have some good pieces over there.

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